Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Gary McHale - Pathetic Idiot

So, it appears that know-nothing buffoon Gary McHale has taken to comparing himself to slain US Civil Rights leader Martin Luther King.

From ElizaQ on EnMasse we find a link to the Hamilton Spectator's report on racist, pathetic loser, Gary McHale's account of his incarceration on December 16th, when the turd had been arrested for disgracing the Canadian flag by using it as a provocation at the First Nations land occupation in Caledonia.

His partner in crime, Mark Vandermas, says that McHale refused the prison garb the OPP had offered him, preferring to spend the night naked in his cell. We're to believe this moronic behaviour was some form of "political protest." I'm not going to enter into gratuitous fat-jokes here, but given the circumstances it seems entirely possible that the reason McHale sat there naked was because the OPP didn't have any jumpsuits that would fit him.

McHale's whole shtick is that there is a "two-tier justice system" in this province, and it favours indigeneous people. This is such a ludicrous piece-of-shit argument that it makes one weep for the future of humanity that we could produce someone like McHale, let alone anyone else who agrees with him.

There obviously is "two-tier justice" in this country, and it's all in the favour of us, the settler society. Canada's First Nations are "over-policed" when it comes to being on the receiving end of the coercive powers of the state, and "under-policed" when it comes to the protective responsive services of the state. See here (pdf), here, here, and here.

Given McHale's idiotic position, I think that the last link contains some info worth quoting here:

The Canadian prison system is practising “systemic discrimination” against aboriginal offenders, says the federal ombudsman for inmates — a finding that his political masters in the Conservative government refuse to accept.
Howard Sapers, in his annual report Monday, said the Correctional Service of Canada too often overestimates the risk posed by native prisoners and sends them to maximum-security institutions when less rigorous treatment would do.
Aboriginals are also more likely than non-aboriginals to be sent to solitary confinement, and to be overlooked for early parole and thus end up serving too much time behind bars, said Sapers.

Of course, CPC PSEPC Minister Stockwell Day (unsurprisingly) denied reality and said that in spite of the evidence, there was no evidence [!] that Natives were discriminated against. Day, like McHale and all the other racists who have crawled out of the woodwork, is impervious to facts and appeals to human decency.

The pdf report linked to above comes from the Ipperwash Inquiry. It mentions that at Ipperwash, as at Oka, as at Burnt Church NB, as at Gustafson Lake, ... it turns out that the Aboriginal Protestors were in the right all along, but that the settler governments all chose to attack first, and look into the justice of the situation much, much later.

When the barriers first went up in Caledonia, and given the bloody results of Ipperwash, I had assumed that people would take at least a week to look into the Natives' grievances before anyone even began to think about calling in the OPP. Sadly, no. The VERY NEXT DAY the Kaledonia Kry-babies Koalition screamed for the OPP to clear the fucking indians from the housing development. The VERY NEXT DAY!!

Thankfully, the OPP, free from the interference of blatantly racist and stupid politicians such as we had with Tory leader Mike Harris, have overall done a decent job of containing the situation.

Which brings us to the provocations of oooober-moron Gary McHale and his smelly, XXL track-pants. He was at it again yesterday, January 20th. This time, McHale (who had described himself as a 21st century Martin Luther King when he was sitting naked in his prison cell with the split-seamed prison jumpsuit lying discarded beside him) chickened-out of another arrest, and led the several-hundred people who he had gotten riled up on a pointless march away from the OPP lines. A couple of his followers couldn't resist attempting to rush the Natives and were promptly arrested.

After yesterday's pointless bit of grandstanding, I'd like to think it's over for McHale. He's obviously sincere in his racism and his delusion, but it's now also obvious that he doesn't have the courage to back up his odious convictions. He's stirred up the resentments of non-Aboriginals in Caledonia, but he lacks both the guts and the brains to do anything with the anger he's created.

Please disappear you contemptible oaf, and let better people than you handle things from now on.


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thwap said...

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Anonymous said...

Wow, when did you do all this writing?

April Reign (aka Debra) said...

One thing of benefit he is doing is showing people just how pathetic he and his ilk are.