Thursday, September 18, 2014

It Can't Be the Case That Everyone Else is Burned Out?

Maybe there's all sorts of Toronto lefties with blogs or twitter accounts that I don't know about, who are themselves heartily sick of the uselessness of most left-wing "activism" and who have decided to absent themselves?

Is that why harper is able to put boots on the ground in Iraq, and engage in ludicrous sabre-rattling with nuclear armed Russia, and here in Toronto, there's no response of any significance?

But that can't be it. Because the usual suspects haven't seemed to stir themselves. Me, I campaigned for a local socialist's shot at a council seat in the upcoming election. (I live in Ward 25. The denizens of the garish "Bridle Path" are my ward-mates. I can't find any information about my councilor's rivals.) I've also attended a few meetings of the free public transit people.

The English-Canadian left really is disorganized and dispirited. It might be because we have no fucking clue what we want. The NDP fills us with ennui. We don't appreciate parliamentary democracy. We sense that occasional fits of mass milling about in the streets is meaningless. We reject violence altogether. We have no weapons in our arsenal. We have no tactics. We have no aims. Once in a while we plead with our masters to heed us. (Occasionally we provoke mirth and merriment by labeling our pleadings as "demands.")

If I'm wrong, correct me. Please.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

The Uses of ISIS (with an update)

For some reason, the Turkish government doesn't like the Syrian government. So it lets Sunni fundamentalist terrorists cross into Syria through the Turkish-Syrian border.

Saudi princes, and the emirs and princes or whatevers, of places like Qatar, are corrupt and, as far as the Koran goes, decadent, sinful. There are probably a lot of young men who would like to topple them. But it's hard to get started in these well-armed police states. Here's a great idea! The corrupt rulers fund these armies to overthrow the secular Assad regime (just like they did when the helped fund the battle against the Soviets in Afghanistan or the battle against the secular Qaddafi in Libya), and these angry young men go and fight, and perhaps die in Syria. (Along with radicalized young men from the West; some of who were enraged by the slaughter of their co-religionists at the hands of Britain and America.)

Those young men from the Arab principalities might hope that they can get their weapons and their fighting skills in this conflict, and then, if they win there, they'll turn their weapons against those corrupt rulers back home.

But that'll probably never happen, because of the USA. The USA is never going to tolerate an independent, radicalized, fundamentalist "Caliphate" in the Middle East. Therefore, it will never happen. And that's find with these sheiks and emirs and princes. They tolerate the Jewish state of Israel and its daily abuse of the Palestinians after all. Life is pretty sweet for these rulers and they don't really want to rock the boat.

So why are they funding these armies in the first place? Because, they got the green light from the USA. As in Afghanistan, as in Libya, as in Syria. Al Qaeda and its variants help to terrify stupid people in the USA. They justify the bull-shit con-job called "The Great War on Terror." Lately, ISIS is helping to destabilize the recalcitrant Assad regime. They were allowed to conquer Sunni Iraq and force the Shiite, pro-Iranian Iraqi Prime Minister Maliki to step-down.

And now, well, not too long ago, the USA was thwarted from its desire to bring its air-force in to help the fundamentalist rebels against Assad. Now, Obama is claiming the right to attack ISIS in Iraq and Syria and is warning the Assad regime not to attack US planes in Syrian airspace. It's now so fucking obvious what the amoral, psychotic scuzz-ball Obama is doing. It's now so obvious what the uses of ISIS are.

The War on Terror is the biggest scam in the history of the world.


And, of course, Vladimer Putin, has been sidelined by the US-American fostered fascist uprising in the Ukraine. Remember how the US fabricated a chemical weapons attack on civilians in Syria and blamed it on the Assad government? Supposedly this was a line that Assad was told not to cross by Obama, or there would be consequences.

Realize that if Putin didn't care one way or the other, he wouldn't have said anything. But Putin (and China) back Assad, and so Putin took something that the senile Secretary of State Kerry said, constructed an arrangement whereby Assad would get rid of his chemical weapons under international supervision. This, combined with the reality that the US, British, and indeed, the world's population would not support yet another US-led invasion of a Middle Eastern country, forced Obama to concede to reality and cancel his scheduled air-strikes. 

Putin had to be punished for this. The Ukraine crisis is a manifestation of the global rule of the United States. It was not created only to distract Putin from Syria. Having Russia put off-balance by chaos in the Ukraine helps to solidify NATO and humble a still-powerful rival. It all works out. (Or that's at least what the arrogant, blundering psychopaths in charge of the USA's foreign policy want to beleive.)

Monday, September 15, 2014

The Senses-Shattering Conclusion

Parts I, II, III, IV, V, VI

Okay. So I've figured that they don't thwart the main bad-guy in the recent clash in California. But they do uncover some of the weaknesses of his crazy mind-control/spying/totalitarian plan. Or something.

I haven't got the details of this all figured out at all, as you can see.

But it seems to me that it ties up a lot of knots to have the goal for the final battle to be to stop the bad-guy from doing on a global scale what he just achieved (at great cost) on the state-wide scale. That way, everyone understands the issue already going in.

Also, her hacker friend gets caught and dies from lack of medical care, and he's supposed to be helping her figure out how to stop the last big evil, so it makes sense to have it based on the thing behind their last confrontation.

This being a Hollywood excitement action extravaganza, good and evil are almost always personified by two characters who actually fight with each other. But the young woman will now be a warrior in her late-twenties and the baddy is supposed to be a politician in his mid-fifties by now. I've decided to have him the recipient of all the innovations in body-suits, cybernetics and what-not, that his soldiers get. Perhaps as he rises to POTUS he could do so on a wave of virile fascist front-line thwarting of the evil terroristic threat. Regardless, of that, it will make the final fight

It's also occurred to me that the heroine is supposed to live as a fighting fugitive, which wouldn't give her enough time to develop a love affair with the white boy who gets to realize that he is not the chosen one. He is going to be a minor political figure in California. His response to the failure of the street demonstrations is to go into formal politics himself to change the laws that made it so easy to crush dissent. (The propagandist will refer to this guy's impoverished consistency as "losers" and he will to white-boy politician as a fascist wannabe, because he wants to make it easier for his dregs of society voters to riot and threaten civilization.)

I want to use the love-interest guy to also get across the fact that a privileged person can actually have ideals and want to help.

To do all this, he'll have to go with the heroine after the fight in California. Perhaps he'll be part of the plan to initiate the final battle. Whatever the case, he's going to be killed; dying heroically or not, I haven't decided.

The propagandist is going to be captured and totally humiliated by the heroine. (BTW: She doesn't work alone. She leads a small army.)

There will be a financial sector crisis, brought upon the world as a result of financiers' corruption and greed. The resultant world-wide crisis is what will spur the bad-guy to make his totalitarian system cover the entire globe. He'll propose this at an international conference to deal with the financial crisis. This conference will take place at a super-remote location because there is rioting in every city on earth. The capitalists will be talking to their politician  hirelings about how they will have to put the screws to the shlubs of the world. Thinking that nobody will ever hear their words they are blatant about how little they care for the sufferings that will result from getting the increasingly impoverished humanity to bail them out of the crisis.

Thanks to the heroine and the hackers, all this will be broadcast to the people of the world.

The juiced-up, cyborg POTUS bad-guy will start to make noises about how the capitalists need him more than he needs them. State control of the weapons of war and surveillance has given him power to bring the capitalists to heel, a-la Hitler or Putin.

That's when the good guys strike, and there's the big confrontation and yadda, yadda, yadda, and many people die but the heroine lives and kills her arch-enemy.

Disaffected cops and soldiers throughout the USA side with the people. Ka-Boom! An Arab leader who is in the pay of the CIA and who was supposed to launch an attack that was to justify rallying around the flag betrays his handlers and uses his weapons to arm the people who force a peaceful coup. He publicly renounces the cynical plot he was a part of.

Anonymous hackers, inside and outside of the government, cripple the surveillance apparatus.

Everything comes crashing down and it is wondrous to behold.

So, that's the real bare-bones of it. "greg" in the comments was thinking it was ten hours long before this part, but I've written a script before (it's never been shown to anyone, but its formatted). The rule is one minute of screen time should take up one page. I've gotten a lot of shit covered for a one and a half hour movie in a script that's ninety pages long. If this is all handled economically, it could be done in two and a half to three hours.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

So, This is where it bogs down a bit

In all honesty, I've been making-up a fair bit of what I've written in the past few days as I've been typing it. I've had some basic ideas and they've been fleshed-out as you see them here.

Now, what's supposed to happen is the heroine is supposed to meet the baddy again, more as an equal than as an unarmed, overwhelmed teenager. I don't know if she'll win this confrontation or not.

She's supposed to meet the hackers, especially that lead guy. I don't know the logistics of that yet.

She's supposed to reconnect with the white boyfriend. Actually they're supposed to become lovers during this act. He's going to have gone into formal politics. He's going to represent the truth that there are some decent people in politics, even though they are (as we'll see) doomed on many levels. He'll make his comment about being "colour-blind" and she'll retort that based on her personal experience, and her intimate knowledge of racialized prisons, abuse of First Nations, abuse of immigrants, pervasive racism in society, that she can't get colour out of her mind. (Don't worry; I'll find some genuine expressions of these sentiments, so it'll be more eloquent and articulate.)

Anyhow, he'll help her.

Seeing as how there are hackers involved, I think the bad-guy governor is going to be proposing some internet spying thing that locks-down people's computers when they search for "terroristic" things like "social justice" or "environmentalism" and etc. (Because it's already accepted in our society that the NSA records everything we do for future reference.) Then, people's cellphones are activated so that "intervention agents" can track you, until maybe you remember to throw your cellphone away, when, by that point, public cameras are watching your every movement, so that you're caught, interrogated, and, if you express any genuine interest in any of these "dangerous" ideas, you're held in "protective custody" for psychiatric treatment. If you're recalcitrant, you'll get brain-surgery. And if you're poor or on social assistance, forcible sterilization.

I've got somewhere I have to be in a couple of hours. So chew on this in the meantime.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

More Movie Madness

Why am I using my blog to dream up a plot for a Hollywood depiction of radical revolution? We all know that I used to type passionate denunciations of the sickening system we find ourselves in. But after a few years of doing that, I started to think that it was pointless. To continue to fulminate online without doing anything about it is the worst pomposity. So, I tried to organize something big in the 3-d world. Alas, the 3-d world let me down. I am, at present, trying to work with local activists on the issue of affordable mass-transit, but I am finding the meandering and lack of professionalism of my colleagues a bit of a hard slog.

I do remember that people found my constant harping about the uselessness and pathological levels of inability on the left to be tiresome. Even I realize I can't keep up on that forever, non-stop.

So this movie summary is something different and constructive. I'm also finding it cathartic to write about an alternative to the mindless, formulaic Hollywood epics about (ordinary people who find themselves to be extraordinary) people bravely going up against imaginary evils and villains while, all the time, real evils and real villains run rampant.

I told a friend about this and I told him I thought I'd put the whole thing online and just leave it there. So that's what I'm doing.

So, now that the heroine has been smuggled out of Los Angeles, we can come to the second act of the film. This is where she comes into her own. The Yoda/Mister Miyagi figure starts the training, but he soon realizes she's beyond him.

One idea I have is him smashing a bunch of expensive looking statues, explaining how they are not necessary for his survival. Then he stops himself from smashing another one because it is a work of artistic beauty and it makes his world better by existing. (All the other things were actually cheap replicas, which he destroyed for demonstration purposes.)

Just a thought.

These people aren't pacifists. They use the martial arts, plus weapons. Out in the desert. I think I'll have her rescue some smuggled-in Latin Americans from a gang of beefy, corn-fed, right-wing racist gun-nuts. A quasi-fascist "militia."

I think I will have her and her mentor observing them with a large group of immigrants who they've captured. While they're thinking about how to respond, the racists start killing their prisoners, calling them a cancer that needs to be eradicated. This will cause the heroine to throw caution to the wind and simply attack. In the process a few of the racists will be killed while the rest manage to escape.

This will provoke an outraged response from the Hannity-type propagandist. But no one will know about her involvement. All her actions will be designed to ensure secrecy and the covering of tracks from government investigators. There'll have to be a bunch of nuts-n-bolts planning to convey all of this.

Next, she will take on an oil company that wants to start fracking in a community, against the community's wishes. In so doing, she will also have to go up against the state agents (police and military) who are helping to enforce this private company's orders upon the people of the community. (This will include the destruction of solar panels and the outlawing of the collection of rain-water. Which are a couple of things that these psychotic institutions are trying to enforce.)

Finally, I want to have her come into Canada, where some First Nations women will show her the ecological abomination of the Tar Sands and describe for her the suicidal nature of the "machine" of industrial civilization. How the insane desire for "more" has infected the mind of humanity and is causing them to engage in such monstrosities of the Tar Sands, and so much more.

Throughout this part of the film, references will be made to world-wide struggles of poor people against the system, and how they're being suppressed with increasing brutality. This brutality is to be personified by the police sergeant. This period takes years and sees the heroine age from a teenager to a woman in her mid-twenties. The police sergeant will likewise age and increase his power. I think he'll go from being the Chief of Police in Los Angeles to become the Governor of California as the elites praise him for his ruthless suppression of the growing underclass revolt.

Something he attempts to do in California, as governor, is going to draw the heroine back. And, I think, this is where I'll introduce the computer hackers. Especially this one. I want him to be physically handicapped, and I want to base him on this young man who was severely handicapped who I used to see on the bus in Hamilton. I think he had limited use of his arms and his head flopped to one side. He was in a big wheelchair with padded supports for his head and arms. I think he had to be strapped upright. He had to travel with a sibling. They were obviously poor, especially since their stop was in one of the poorer neighbourhoods. But he always had on these hilariously offensive t-shirts. A different one every time I saw him.  At some point, I just stopped seeing him. I'd see his sister from time-to-time, but never him. I don't know if he died, but I think he did and that made me sad at the time. I want to base a genius hacker on him, and he is going to be a major ally of hers. But he's going to die at the hands of the system. Probably he'll be arrested and denied medical care while in prison (which happens a lot in prison systems anyway).

I will have this guy survive long enough to plan the big confrontation though. And a computer simulation of him will help the heroine carry-out their big operation. The computerized voice will even produce filthy insults when she's not moving fast enough.

So that's what I'm typing for today.

Friday, September 12, 2014

More of that Movie Idea

Part I, II, III

It just occurred to me; the heroine is going to be assaulted by a team of cops, including the lead villain, and then the big baddie is going to depart, to bust other heads, and that's when she's going to continue fighting and that's when she's rescued by the mentor-figure.

I decided I'd have him say that one reason why he came to help her was because he admired that she continued fighting. Because (as it turns out) he is a fighter.

So, why not make explicit her reasons for continuing to struggle? So then I thought that while she's recovering from the initial beating, she replays in her head the way her parents were broken by unemployment and poverty and preyed-upon by religious hucksters. The way her boyfriend was gunned-down in the street by the cops. The way her brother came back from the military overseas mangled and betrayed. The way her boss exploited her at work. And to have all this fill her with rage and galvanize her to continue to struggle.

The rescue should be a confusing affair. Hand-held camera. But we see that in this noisy, semi-confined space, the rescuer employ sticks and knives to disable the cops by attacking the gaps in their riot gear, before taking the heroine by the hand and whisking her away.

He takes her to his home. He's a janitor. He was involved in "Justice for Janitors" in the 1990s. His wife works as a medical assistant. They have a few kids. Two will be devoted to their parents' ideals. The oldest will be consumed with video games and consumerism.

He tells her about, not a permanent political movement or secret society, but a tradition. Of human beings who recognize what "enough" is. People who believe that living in harmony with others and with the earth, is more important than having more than one needs. That is the statement of the official message of the film.

I'll have him take some liberties with history in describing the Great Sword Hunt in 16th Century Japan. After a period of social and political chaos in Japan, the warrior-farmer Hideyoshi managed to win the battle for supremacy against his main rivals and become ruler of Japan. Hideyoshi was afraid of continued social unrest, so he ordered the Great Sword Hunt, which took all the weapons away from the peasantry, putting them at the mercy of the Samurai, who despised peasants so much they would use their necks to test the sharpness of their swords.

To counter being deprived of weapons, some peasants developed the martial arts, using their bodies and objects around them as weapons. Some Samurai were fair to their peasants. There was no fighting. Some Samurai were rapacious and cruel. Sometimes there was fighting. Fists and feet were never enough against men armed with swords or spears, some on horseback, or teams of archers. Some peasant warriors were able to maintain their dignity and their lives. Many who fought were killed. Many were chased away and became bandits.

Here, he describes a story based on the histories written by Linebaugh and Rediker, such as The Many-Headed Hydra, about the continuous elite process to exploit people and the planet, and to oppress and even destroy those who resist them.

He points out that this is not a continuous line of elites. Throughout history, various gangs of greedy people contended with other gangs. Some rulers were overthrown and their entire families exterminated. Sometimes people from the bottom, greedy and ruthless, rose to the top of the game, and their descendants stayed at the top for centuries, even if only to regress to privileged obscurity.

In the same way, their movement of ordinary people is not some permanent secret society of rebels. Rebels would become bandits or pirates. Some would steal as much as they needed to survive and live independent lives. They would rob only from the rich. Some bandits and pirates became like their oppressors, greedy and cruel. Sometimes children of activists become corrupted by the society they live in and reject their parents' values and imitate and lust after the power and privileges of kings or nobles or, now, the super-wealthy. Sometimes, they just forget everything in the struggle for survival. But then they remember again, that they don't need riches and power to be full human beings.

That having been said, he and his wife are activists. They know about others, doing other things around the country and around the world. More than that, it seems possible that never before have the people of the world been easier to unite while the system has never been more vulnerable and the world has never been more threatened. The financial system is tottering. The economic system is buckling under its own contradictions. Global warming, mass-extinctions, other things are undermining the planet's ability to support sophisticated life.

So that's where he's going to ask her to join them. He's not aware that she's "The Chosen One" (although there is nothing tangible that does any choosing) and will become the "leader" of this movement.

Then the television set intrudes. Those three cops who were wounded when the mentor rescued her are being portrayed as victims of an unprovoked terrorist assault. They've managed to identify her from surveillance footage of the rally and they're now looking for her. The propagandist is leading the charge in demonizing this teenaged girl as a "child terrorist." A "black widow spider" with a poisoned mind.

The police sergeant/main bad guy is being interviewed about this cowardly, crazed attack upon his men, as well as on his "successful management" of the violent rally. The fair-wage demonstrators (who had toned-down their message and their tactics in a futile attempt to win the sympathy of the liberal betrayer politician) is being depicted as a bunch of losers who have been duped by violent enemies of the nation into attacking the police and rioting.

Anyway, it becomes clear that the heroine cannot go home. The police are looking for her. One of the mentor couple's kids delivers a USB stick to her parents and they open it up to find a recording from her saying that she's safe, she's happy, she's with people who can help her, but that she won't be able to see them for a while. She'll try to communicate with them once in a while. But not to tell the police at all about this recording.

The mentor takes her out of the city (I'm thinking Los Angeles at the moment) in his working van. They'll be going to a safe-house with friends of his outside of the state. Perhaps in the desert country in the South-West. Like Arizona or something. Perhaps they'll be First Nations or perhaps they'll be people who help Latin Americans crossing the border illegally looking for work.

That's my typing for today.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Movie Idea III

Just making a new post for every stage. I ain't talking about sequels. Part I and Part II.

So, after we've had the introduction to the oppressions of capitalism and racism, and the meeting that exposes the delusions of the left, we get to the rally itself.

This will introduce us to two more figures. First is a Sean Hannity-type propagandist. He'll be denouncing the fast-food workers' campaign as a violent Marxist plot led by losers and malcontents. He'll be interviewing experts, economic hacks and authoritarian assholes, who will assist him in this campaign.

Second will be the main baddy. A police sergeant in his mid-thirties. (That might be kind of young, but the story depicted is going to encompass around ten years or so. Hmmm. I guess he could be in his mid-forties.) is what's called "the creative process" ladies n' gents.

So, anyway, the police are going to attack the rally and the heroine is going to get attacked and sexually assaulted by the villain and his subordinate cops. He will then leave to direct other attacks on other protesters. The heroine will continue to struggle against the cops holding her and that's where the "Yoda" or "Morpheus" or "John the Baptist" sort of character shows up. It'll be an older Japanese dude, skilled in the martial arts ...

I've tried to make it clear that this is a film based on the simplistic, escapist stories told by Hollywood, onto which a left-wing social justice agenda is being tacked.

That's all I feel like typing for today.