Wednesday, June 15, 2016

June Post

I've had five days straight off of work and a lot's been happening in the world. Blogging is a waste of time but I've got time to waste today so ...

"Elbow-gate": - Ramming through legislation without debate is icky. NDP working with the Conservatives for any purpose is icky. The delaying tactics were silly. But Liberals do them too. Trudeau's choice of words showed that he lost his temper. I don't think he hurt anyone physically but he came off looking petulant and entitled.

The whole thing reflected badly upon everyone involved.

Jian Ghomeshi: -

Ahh. This is more boring than I remember it being.

Ghomeshi should have been convicted anyway. What any of those women did after the FACT that he hit them from out of nowhere is irrelevant to the FACT that out of nowhere he hit those women without first obtaining "consent."

I was going to say something about US politics, but I'll just toss those two little opinions out into the ether and leave it at that.

Friday, May 27, 2016

Brief Return On harper's Departure

So, stephen harper is retiring and plans to open a consulting group that dispenses foreign policy "expertise" (which is really just a polite fiction whereupon his corporate masters reward him for his services to keep him quiet until such a time, if ever, when they can kill him and whatever secrets he has on them go with him to his grave).*

*[Unlike most other things, it's impossible to go wrong on foreign policy. The only people who suffer will be the poor people from mainly non-white countries who will die. They absolutely don't count in the eyes of the Masters of the Universe. If harper wanted to pretend to dispense actual economic policy advice, it would have a good chance of being demonstrably bad, money-losing advice.]

So, the corporate media is praising him. No surprise there. In so doing, they only cement their devotion to a man who showed a complete and utter contempt for the foundational principles of parliamentary democracy.

Not enough is being said about his disgusting race-baiting as he flailed about in his last desperate days. His covering up of war crimes. His unilateral abrogation of our Treaty obligations to the First Nations. His brutalizing of protesters. His dizzying economic incompetence. His betrayal of veterans. The people murdered by his deregulatory policies.

We aren't reminded of his inherent cowardice. Whether it was running from hard questions when it was clear his interlocutor would not be satisfied with brazen lies and evasions, or whether it was abandoning his own colleagues to their fates when as their "great leader" he slithered away to a broom closet during a gun-man's rampage on Parliament Hill, ... harper's whole career was marked by cowardice.

A stupid, contemptible man. Too repulsive to even be funny.

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Politics: Don't Let The ...

Don't make the futile the enemy of the appalling.

Friday, May 6, 2016

On the Apparent Death of "EnMasse.Ca"

I think it was a couple of weeks ago that  thread was started announcing EnMasse dot CA's tenth anniversary. I thought about contributing a few words but I had nothing celebratory to say. And very few people I wanted to interact with.

Now it appears the site is kaput.

Oh well.

I did learn a lot from and and even from b n' r. About gay rights and feminism and about Canadian politics in general. But for the amount of time and effort? I really can't say.

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Surprised About the Catholic Church's Avoiding Its Obligations to Residential School Victims?

So, it's like this:
The Canadian government released Catholic groups from an obligation to try to raise $25-million for aboriginal healing so that it could hold the groups to other promises they made in the historic 2007 residential schools agreement, a draft of their agreement reveals.
In return for paying $1.2-million for healing programs, the 50 Catholic entities wanted to be released from any and all of their obligations under the residential schools settlement agreement, government officials told The Globe and Mail. 
But what are we to expect? This institution is infamous for its enabling of pedophiles and for avoiding real accountability for that.

Why should we expect any different from them on any other topic?

Criminal scum. Enabled by criminal scum.

And people still trot out every Sunday to obtain moral instruction from them.

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Two More Books

I recently finished Mount Pleasant by Don Gilmor. Somebody was giving it away in a cardboard box outside their house. I live on Mount Pleasant Avenue, so I figured "what the hell." It's a decent look at a middle-aged man's midlife crisis. It's a nice portrayal of the vicissitudes of the Rosedale set. And "Occupy Toronto" makes a presence.

I could identify with everything about the guy except his background and the fact that he had a nice house to sell to get himself somehow out of his debt crisis.

I'm also trying to read Imperial Reckoning: the untold story of Britain's gulag in Kenya by Caroline Elkins. So far I've read a tight summary of the events leading up to the "Mau-Mau" rebellion and a couple of chapters documenting British barbarism and hypocrisy. It's a tough slog.

My only observation right now is to think of those right-wing imbeciles who condemned Obama for returning a bust of Winston Churchill to the British government. (It had decorated the office of his predecessor.) Besides being a completely routine thing, Obama's actions would make sense given what Churchill's government had enabled in Kenya.