Thursday, March 27, 2008

Two-steps Removed

Thwap, describing Blogging Horse, describing the Ottawa Citizen.

But, yeah, indeed.

The reason Jack Layton pulled the plug on the Martin government was due to Martin's insulting reply to the NDP's call for a halt to the creeping privatization and gross under-funding of public healthcare.

But as Mr. Blogging Horse says, the Liberal charge:

"[Layton]would rather risk Stephen Harper's success than be faithful to his own party's principles. But even more than that, Mr. Layton has repeatedly pledged to work with a Stephen Harper government. You're either for progressive social and economic policies, or you’re not. Contrary to what Jack Layton apparently believes, you can not have it both ways.”

... turns out to be complete crapola in light of the Liberals' fear of confronting the electorate.

Politics are polarizing all around the world. The Liberal policy of straddling the fence and pleasing the business community and diluted progressive values is fast unravelling.

I say, let the Liberal Party die, and let the "progressives" among its membership decide whose side they're on. And when they choose, they'll have to concede they have a lot to learn about the way the world works. You can't come down in the middle between corporate greed and democracy. It's one or the other.

(Obviously, the NDP needs to learn this too. But they've at least admitted there's an issue.)


trog69 said...

Guten Tag, Herr Thwapie.
I think you're describing the future. The progressive, or far Left has been left behind, little by little by the ever-right leaning "Liberals/Democrats". I see a fracture between the two happening not too long from now. What worries me most is the Centrist/moderate conservatives who will leave their far-right ideologues and join up with like-minded "Blue Dog" Democrats. I would probably catagorize most of those comprising the Center/right bloc as the ones least aware of the political/social morass we face without drastic reforms. Most of them are working too much, and are too incurious, to learn enough from unbiased sources to make any kind of informed decisions affecting their lives, and their children's futures.

Ripe pickings for the authoritarians, I should think.

thwap said...

There's been some "too-little, too-late" spine building among centrist Dems, who managed to pull "Blue Dog" Democrats away from supporting the bush II telecom amnesty bill, and standing firm with their party colleagues against accusations of being "soft on terror" by standing up for the law.

But the Democratic Party in general is hopelessly committed to the same overall framework of neoliberalism and the the imperialism necessary to make it function.

I think when the real crisis comes, your political system, unable to bend, will simply break.

trog69 said...

Good aftermoon, thwap.

First off, I'm pretty sure I posted that comment in the wrong thread, as I remember reading this after the "I hate the Liberal Party" article. Oh well. As this is the first mistake I've ever made, you can imagine my embarrassment. I hope I can someday atone for this.

I remain dumbfounded about the fact that this horrendous silk ribbon wrapped gift to Bush/Cheney was allowed out of the Senate committee to begin with. Rockefeller and his ilk can all die in a fire.

Spine-building my ass. There was massive howling outside the gates, or this shit would have been dittoed and rammed through a lot faster than the pathetic fraud they call "relief". I think that the breakage you refer to is inevitable, and possibly our only means of hope.

No, I don't mean that bloviated Obama-style hope, either. Blecch.

thwap said...

What? You're not in favour of "reaching across the aisle" to govern the country on a uniform, bi-partisan basis, without the threat of "deviationists" and "splitters" to thwart the people's will (as designed by their humble representatives)?

According to Greenwald, the House version of the FISA bill was signed without telecom amnesty, and numerous blue-dogs were convinced to change their position and ignore the "soft on terror" slur.

I haven't followed it since though.

And, as I said, it's too little, too late. Your state (ie. the national state apparatus) is incredibly powerful, militarily and police-wise. But your political overlords appear to be incredibly efficient at pissing off soldiers.

trog69 said...

Hey, that's Almighty and righteous Greenwald to you, um, well, I don't know any derogatory terms for Canadian, beside Canook. Help a fellow out, why dontcha? He's the one I tracked to get the info about Fisa and the sell out to the telecoms and Bush. The Senate let through the most heinous bill in history, (that's saying something.) and the House was in the process of doing the same until the massive protest started to gain some traction, and a few Dems saw the Blue Dogs getting beat in primaries.

thwap said...


trog69 said...

Okay, I know this is some re-run from previous discussion, and I remember that was your lame-ass suggestion then. I'm goin' with Northern Nutsacks 'til you can come up with something better!

thwap said...

"I'm goin' with Northern Nutsacks 'til you can come up with something better!

I don't like where this conversation is going ..... :}