Monday, April 27, 2009

My Fifteen Minutes of Fame

For some reason or other, the KKK's Best Blogger (KKKate MakkkMillan) chose to link to my post about state violence in Iran and Canada. (Yeez kin find the link to KKKate's link in that post.) That produced a big jump in hits for my blog, though truth be told, I think I had more hits when Mark Steyn's website linked to a post of mine where I trashed his book. The inundation of trolls was about the same size perhaps.

For reasons unfathomable (there might be some logical sense to it but given the source I kinda doubt it) she chose to characterize my post as "Eric Margolis, Is That You?". I don't read Eric Margolis enough to get the connection. He's an anti-communist who hasn't been taken in by bush II's idiotic "war on terror" but my post wasn't really about the "war on terror."

My post was about how Iran's security forces can torture and kill with a fair degree of impunity and even official support and how if the RCMP manages to get away with killing Robert Dziekanski (and lying about it) then we're taking a big step down the slippery slope to being like Iran or other countries where human dignity and human life are treated as privileges, not rights.

I really don't know what these morons found so objectionable about that. I was pretty careful about not drawing the parallels too closely together. I wasn't claiming an identity between Canada and Iran. I was saying that unaccountable police or other security forces are dangerous and that we Canadians have to be careful.

You could try to read their comments here and at KKKate's blog to see if you can tease out why they thought my post was silly. Let's try:
What foolishness. Comparing Iran and Canada all because some cops tasered someone in Vancouver.Listen fools, there is NO connection between Iran and Canada. Visit Iran and see for yourselves.

wow, you're retarded

thwap,You've reached the "big time". This post has been linked by the
4-time winner of the Best Canadian Blog and 2009 Best Conservative blog. You've
been "sda-lanched".Of course, now that we've visited, all we can say is that
there's nothing intelligent to see here. But hey, thanks for the unintended

I will be brief and to the point here. If you think there is ANY resemblance between Canada and Iran or any other country over there I would like to know what bloody planet you are from.

ThwapThe insipidities you have elucidated are to be honored. Absolute asininity is a skill.Syncro

Allegedly , at some point in the past , these idiots were referred to as useful .......

I'm not sure what the hell that dude is trying to say.
I don't feel like wasting 2 minutes of my life reading it again. Hey, I feel just like I do after I read Margolis....

hmmm..same style and loose attempt at analogy as we read in Iggy's book.And same lack of sense or real connection to Canadians.And he missed Joanne (BLY) and Kathy.The guy still has a lot to learn.
Kevin...Margolis is best to be avoided in occasional Sun Media print.He always sounds like he'd be much happier living under Chavez,Castro, or the in the middle east.Wonder what holds him back.Oh...perhaps the so-called freedom of the press.My guess on why he went ahead with the last paragraph: the internet in general and bloggers in particular are getting under the skin of the likes of Margolis.
Kathy,Kate, Connie and Mark, and Darcy...keep it!!Don't stop until they feel the rug moving out from under their feet too!

a) I'm mad I didn't get mentioned
b) What's he talking about exactly?

A couple of commentors simply voiced their agreement with the comment of one "Birdy." Here's what "Birdy" had to say:

What you describe and rail against is 'statism'. That is a hobby horse of the far left and fascist governments where they exist. The urge to have conformity is a collectivist view. That is far left. The police state of Nazi Germany came from the statist desire for control and conformity. Hitlers socialist party wanted everyone to be an obedient Arian.The conformity in the former Soviet Union and of China and North Korea are all of the Statist variety that comes from far left collectivist thinking.

That is what Obama is working toward in the USA.Only individualism and free enterprise can protect us from this sort of hell. That is the what SDA and the other blogs you mention are working for. More freedom and self-reliance, more individuality in our society.

You must not being actually reading those blogs, but insist you understand their nature. That is what millions of uninformed Americans do to Rush Limbaugh and Bill O'Reilly.You are confused and do not understand whose who and what's what on planet earth at this time.Please do some reading and education yourself. Your teachers and university profs were lying to you.Learn the meaning of freedom and forget about the false security of the entitlement culture.

That didn't help. I didn't expect it to. I was trying to make a point. This tends to be what passes for debate I find. Even after I tried to explain myself, these were the responses:
Thwap, on behalf of my fellow "mouth-breathing imbeciles" I'd like to thank you so much for dropping by and enlightening us all with your superior "nose-breathing" intellect.I think we're all straightened out now, so we won't need your superior insight any more. So consider your job here as done, and go back to your fellow superior nose-breathing friends at Rabble.Thanks again.

What an incredible disconnect from reality this man has. Liberalism is a mental disorder.

The part that amazes me - why do no reasonable lefts come along and refute these types, because it stains them all. There are some reasonable ones out there ? Isn't there ? No ? John Cross, call home ?

Count me in as one of the 30%. Moral relativism at it's most thoughtless. Who is that guy?

I've admitted that there are the occasional intelligent "conservatives" or whatever. At times (when I've had the time) I've even honestly debated with them. But you can see for yourselves if there was ever any attempt from most of those people to ask question to try to understand what was obviously inexplicable to them. Nope. Instead, some empty attempts at humour and zero effort to engage. Which probably explains their presence at KKKate's blog and their other political choices.

That's enough for today.

Bye K-K-Kate!!


Anonymous said...

KKKate always reminds of this song:

Sir Francis said...

I sympathise. This bizarre experience must have felt like being trapped in an elevator with a flatulent drunk emitting the gaseous results of a heavy Szechwan buffet.

Actually, it was interesting to see Kate's lemmings stick up for Canada, a nation they hate. They clearly hate Iran more than they hate Canada, which surprises me.

Stephen Gordon said...

What? People coming here and slamming what you write?

I'm seriously pissed. That's my job, dammit.