Saturday, May 16, 2009

"Conservatives" -- Gutless Opponents of Anti-Semitism

Internet "conservatives" (Blogging Tories, RedState, Free Dominion, Free Republic types) tend not to like minorities. Canadian internet "conservatives" hate Aboriginals, blacks (especially Jamaicans), Arabs and/or Muslims. USian internet "conservatives" hate blacks, Hispanics, Arabs and/or Muslims.

So why do they get so worked-up about "anti-Semitism" against Jews? To some degree these wingnuts don't so much hate "anti-Semitism" as they support Israel due to its role in their ridiculous Biblical Book of Revelations fantasies. For that reason they are lukewarm in their hostitlity towards the anti-Semitism of out-and-out white supremacists. Then there are a few people of Jewish origins but sub-normal mental abilities (Ezra Levant, Joe Lieberman) who believe that this fundamentalist Christian regard for Israel constitutes actual affection for Jews and have thrown in their lot with their brothers and sisters in stupidity. And then, finally, there are your garden-variety internet "conservatives" who will embrace any struggle, any cause, so long as they don't have to do anything other than type about it.

Anti-Semitism used to be a HUGE thing in Europe, with pogroms and Holocausts and the like. It used to be a big deal in North America with employment discrimination, housing covenants restricting Jewish entry into WASP neighbourhoods and other forms of clear, practical racism or bigotry. Now, however, anti-Semitism tends to mean some marginal neo-nazi loser spray-painting a swastika somewhere. That's upsetting, but isolated and of little practical importance. Besides, leftist anti-fascist groups like Toronto's Anti-Racist Action had things covered. As well, the main focus of the internet "conservatives" is Israel, which has to suffer from detailed criticisms about its human rights abuses and other violations of international law, but which is otherwise safe. True it is surrounded by US puppet states who are amenable to a two-state solution, as well as countries like Lebanon which are incapable of attacking Israel and Syria which wants to limit Israel's depredations and to counter Israeli domination of Lebanon with Syrian domination. But even under these desperate circumstances, "tiny little Israel" is a nuclear power with the world's third-largest airforce of top of the line technology.

In other words, Israel isn't really in any danger and Jews aren't really in any danger here in North America. Perfect for your typical gutless internet "conservative" to bravely extend a hand in solidarity with. USian "conservatives" are infamous for sitting on their fat asses at home calling for continued fighting against "Islamo-fascism" in Iraq and Afghanistan, knowing that there's no draft so even though the US military is stretched to the breaking point, they won't ever be forced to serve in these wars unless they sign up. Which a majority of them haven't done and have no intention of doing. The fact that military recruiters are forced to lower their standards to take in genuine morons and convicted rapists hasn't registered with these buffoons who call the "War on Terror" the cause of their generation. It's this same cowardice that no doubt motivates their enthusiasm for "anti-Semitism." There's absolutely no danger they'll ever have to go up against any individuals or institutions with real power and at the same time they get to feel good about themselves as enemies of prejudice and bigotry.

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