Saturday, December 12, 2009

National Security, .... 'eh?

I've long been aware that stephen harper has contempt for parliament. He showed his contempt for our entire system of government last year. He's obviously got contempt for the law. And contempt for his own cabinet and caucus. And his constituency. The only thing he doesn't positively cringe at the thought of is his own contemptible self.

He's obviously got contempt for the rule of law and for our collective intelligence.

Can't "legally" give members of the Special Committee on the Canadian Mission in Afghanistan the unredacted Colvin memos 'eh? Even if ordered to by the majority in parliament 'eh?

"National Security" is the excuse 'eh?

Even if the members of the Committee on Afghanistan have the highest security clearances already?

Hmmm. Those must be some pretty spicy documents!

Tell you what harper, you fat, loathsome, piece of shit. When we're done frying your fat ass in parliament, or during an election, and when we DO get these documents, we're also going to find out how and why idiot civilians like Christie Blatchford were able to see things that not even parliament can demand. We'll ask to see why blustering phonies like Rick ["It wasn't me!'] Hillier get to see them.

When we find out how those top-secret-for-the-safety-of-the-nation documents got leaked, we'll add the time inflicted for leaking them to the rest of your's and Peter MacKay's jail terms.

You're going down stephen. Down, down, down. You know that, don't you?


no_blah_blah_blah said...

The amount of crap that is going on around the Conservatives is truly astounding. In trying to keep track of all the feces being left strewn about by the Conservatives (and their supporters), it actually slipped my mind that the Conservatives already leaked these super-duper-top-secret documents to a journalist with no security clearance for propaganda purposes (which makes their excuses sound even more hollow).

I should make like Santa: I should make a list (of Conservative wrong-doings just related to the Afghan detainee situation) and check it twice...

The Progressive Conservative Party was reduced to two seats in Parliament after the 1993 election. Nothing would be more fitting for this Conservative Party. Harper is downright criminal in his actions, but there are more like him that are hidden within the ranks...

Brian said...

Thwap, I share your anger over yet another example of the "for-reasons-of-national-security" canard, which, every thinking person knows is synonymous with hiding incompetence and embarrassing mistakes. It never has anything to do with national security.

I've just finished reading a recent Federal Court of Canada decision (direct link) in the ongoing case of Algerian refugee Mohamed Harkat who has been stymied time and time again in his attempts to find out who exactly is claiming he's a bad guy and what possible evidence they have to prove it, you know, that basic human right thingy about being permitted to face your accuser?

Well, Justice Simon Noel, the author of the decision, feels quite strongly that Mr. Harkat deserves no such right. It's quite nauseating to read his ridiculous justifications for this denial. Some of it, like this gem below, is downright sinister and orwellian:


"[38] The applicant (Mr. Harkat) also seeks a list of which of the conversations provided to Mr. Harkat are the results of technical intercepts and which emanate from the reports of human sources.

[39] The Ministers object to this request since to identify the source of the conversation as a technical intercept or as a human source report would disclose the identity of human sources and methods of operation.

[40] In my opinion, the disclosure of this information would also be injurious to national security. Given the relatively small number of conversations summarized and provided to Mr. Harkat, any indication of which conversations, if any, are the result of a human source report would likely reveal the identity of a source to the applicant. As noted in Re Harkat 2009 FC 204, the protection of covert human intelligence sources is paramount to the national security of Canada and to the safety of its residents.

[41] The applicant’s request is denied."


Mo is presently under house arrest. Mercifully, his bail conditions have recently been loosened and he and his wife have a lot more freedom of movement than they did previously. The bottom line is that that since 2002 the Feds are still doing everything in their power to deport him to a dungeon in Algeria with a Canadian-made stamp on his forehead that reads "I'm an al Qaeda sleeper agent. Torture me."

no_blah_blah_blah said...

Yeah, the security certificates introduced by the Liberals in the panic after September 11, 2001 were full of holes and subject to abuse by those in power.

It's just another reminder that although the Conservatives are outright horrific in their actions, the Liberals need to be watched carefully as well if they form the next government.

Real_PHV_Mentarch said...

This blog of Thwap's should be shut down for reasons of "National Security".

After all - isn't "National Security" the all-purpose (facile) reason to justify and do just about anything and everything?