Thursday, June 16, 2011

All that is necessary for the triumph of evil ..

... is that good men do nothing.

That's a neat quote. But anybody can say that. For instance, some people imagined that the non-existent threat of Saddam Hussein's imaginary "weapons of mass destruction" put the whole world at risk. Furthermore, given Saddam's non-existent alliance with Al Qaeda, his imaginary weapons could have been used to blackmail the whole world into forced conversion to fundamentalist Islam ruled from the restored Caliphate in Baghdad.

Yes, indeedy! It was a grave threat, ... if only totally illusory and ridiculous.

But for the shit-head believers in the threat, we who (rightly, as it turned out) opposed the invasion of Iraq were the fools in the "good countries" trying to prevent the "good men" from being able to do something to meet the threat and prevent the triumph of evil.

Seen in this context, eloquence, united with stupidity, becomes ridiculous pomposity.

I don't mind eloquent, stirring, language. But always make sure that your subject matter and the facts are equal to the words.

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