Wednesday, November 9, 2011

I Couldn't Agree More

The right to be angry ...

Out of this crouching and unseemly cowardice, a new liberal esthetic was born. To be taken seriously, one must be, above all, polite and upbeat.

Someone takes your job and puts your pension into their pocket, be polite and upbeat. Someone marches you into murderous and wasteful wars on the basis of lies, be polite and upbeat. The government suspends most of the Bill of Rights, be polite and upbeat. In short, if you ever really want to “get anything done”, you must, before all else, be polite and upbeat.

If you don’t believe me when I talk about the degree to which the so-called left has internalized the message that being unflinchingly critical is tantamount to being pathologically angry, try the following sometime.

Walk into a room of middle-of-the-road Democratic voters and point out what is undeniably true: that the US is, to paraphrase King, far and away the biggest purveyor of death, destruction and terror in the world. Even if you do so in the most affable and breezy of tones, I guarantee that within a few minutes at least one, and probably several, of the people hearing your exposition will assail you with charges about your being pathologically “negative” or “angry”.

There was a telling exchange at Dawg's blog recently. Dawg provided yet another list of harper's destructive attacks on Canadian democracy and the confused psychopaths managed to make the whole conversation about how unpleasant I was in the comments section. You'd think they had missplaced priorities until you realized that they hated democracy and cheered harper's assaults on it.

Fuck 'em.


900ft Jesus said...

heard a radio announcer talk about the Occupy folks' goal as just trying to "stick it to the Man."

FFS, so many still see any type of protesters as a bunch of dirty hippies giving the finger to the establishment with no other purpose than to piss them off.

Can't reason with those stay the course types, those linear thinkers who need a set of simple instructions for everything they do, every day. Change terrifies them.

thwap said...

It's as if the complete failure of neo-liberalism never happened and the total corruption on Wall Street doesn't exist.

These critics expose themselves as morons with every word they say.