Thursday, March 22, 2012

No Majority? That's It Then. Time For Opposition MPs to Take a Stand

From Alison at Creekside (via a whole whack of great people) we get this bombshell.

Ain't that something?

Now, given the fact that the harpercons are using their bullshit majority to ram through any and all of their garbage legislation, and are ignoring Parliament, and are forcing all parliamentary business to be held in secret, ... it seems incumbent upon our opposition MPs to look seriously at this unprecedented electoral fraud, weigh it against the harpercons' continued abuses of Parliament, and come to a decision. If the harpercons are using their majority to make a joke out of Parliament AND that majority was built on fraud, then perhaps these abuses shouldn't be validated with the opposition's grudging participation?

This is serious stuff here. It doesn't get any more serious than this. This is the heart and soul of what passes for democracy in Canada. I think you'd be hard-pressed to argue that opposition MPs resisting stephen harper's crimes would be playing a dangerous game, setting dangerous precedents.

The dangerous precedent would be allowing this nonsense to continue.

By all means, let Elections Canada do its work while we work on other options as well.

But if, at the end of the day, the harpercons do not have a legitimate majority, then all the gloves should come off. There has to be a protest from the Opposition.

We're quite close to where I thought we'd be during the last election (which was fought after the Bloc, the Liberals and the NDP finally stood together against harper's abuse of Parliament):
harper will have his minority, but it will be irrelevant. We don't elect presidents. Prime ministers are made in Parliament. They are made BY Parliament.

After he loses power irrevocably, harper must be dragged before public inquiries and forced to come clean on what he did in Afghanistan. Those generals who were given the Colvin emails when Parliament was being told that "national security" issues prevented that body from seeing them, must be forced to say who gave them to them.

harper should be tried for war crimes and if he is guilty, then he should be hauled off to serve the hard time he planned for the poor that his other policies created.

Prison for harper!
It is a necessary thing for our democracy that this criminal scum be exposed and then incarcerated.

OH YEAH! One more thing: If harper had been returned with a minority and the Opposition, tired of his anti-democratic antics, had formed a coalition immediately, it would have meant that Jack Layton would have been Canada's first New Democratic Party Prime Minister!

Perhaps he should have a portrait with all the other past PMs. And harper's could be taken down and burned. (I wouldn't replace harper's with Layton's. I wouldn't want to defile Layton's portrait. It could remain a blank of shame on the wall. Something to explain to future visitors during guided tours, about how dangerously low our country fell as a democracy.)


Saskboy said...

Why do the trolls leave you alone?

thwap said...

They don't. I just delete their stupid-assed comments.

It's really easy. And since they're shit-for-brains mother-fuckers, it's no harm done.

Saskboy said...

I deleted some of RedJeff's before recently, after warning him that repetition of falsehoods would be removed. He's so arrogant, and verbose, he'd be quite a good commenter if he bothered stocking up on facts and wasn't devoid of reason or reason-ability.

thwap said...


I've had the odd articulate troll. But there's inevitably a hollow shell that causes them to want to make these empty-headed, sneering insults.

The fact of the matter is, these slobbering dunces believed in Saddam's WMDs, the expropriation of the Palestinians and the First Nations, in failed neo-liberalism, in torture, and they don't believe in global warming or the equality of all human beings.

They're deluded idiots and they can do nothing better than their puerile screeds.

opit said...

Make that paid shills and you would be closer to the real nature of the 101st Fighting Keyboarders.