Tuesday, February 26, 2013

"Modern Family"

So ephemeral and I were casting about for a television series to waste our time with so as to be somewhat in the pop culture loop and I'd heard good things about "Modern Family" (it being a gay-friendly show with two married, adoptive gay parents).

I have to admit that in that respect it's mostly okay. (Although the gay couple do more bickering and fighting than the other two families.) But I notice that, once again, American television networks have made a television series populated by individuals who earn something like salaries in the top 15% of earners. (Plus the super-rich father character played by Ed O'Neil.)

They do this because advertisers want to reach that demographic, so networks make shows that appeal to that demographic. The rest of us can strive to mimic their lifestyle if we want, but as far as advertisers are concerned, we're dweebs and geeks compared to the cool kids in a high-school pecking order.

Totally unrealistic. And the episode where the real-estate agent dad who wants some smartphone on the first day? Sickening product placement.

There's a little bit of cultural chauvinism in the show, but some of it appears to be self-mocking, so I give that a pass (mostly).

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