Monday, August 19, 2013

My Plan (Part the First)

I have believed that harper is illegitimate ever since he was found guilty of contempt of Parliament. Even before I knew his majority was stolen (based as it was on election fraud) I believed this. Because the fundamental premise of our pseudo-democracy is that the government gets its authority from Parliament. I argued (with little effect) that if harper didn't feel bound to respect the basis of his own authority over us, why should we respect his authority?

Think about it for a minute: If that ugly, rancid tower of shit came into your home and tried to order you around, you'd tell him to fuck off. The only reason some of us feel obliged to obey the laws concocted by him and his imbecilic and/or criminal associates, is because he is said to be the prime minister. The prime minister is the leader of the largest single bloc of MPs in the House of Commons. But the prime minister must carry the support of the majority of the MPs in that legislature. harper's illegitimacy really began when he lost the support of the majority in Parliament in 2008 and pressured the witless and craven Governor General Michelle Jean to grant him a prorogation to avoid a vote of no confidence.

That really was a seminal moment in Canadian political history. The will of the majority in Parliament thwarted by a relic of our monarchical past; harper's abuse of our system of government; "Team Ignatieff's" destructive narcissism. That was really when the system started to buckle under harper's wholesale contempt of Parliament.

Scandal followed dismal scandal, culminating in the contempt of Parliament ruling in 2011. The way had been prepared though, by harper's continued attempts to deny Parliament to see the facts about the way the Canadian Forces' detainees in the Afghanistan Occupation were being handled. In that instance, harper managed to avoid formal contempt charges by eventually acceding to a a multi-party committee process to investigate the facts (which the NDP to its great good credit soon pronounced a sham and quit) and a triple-checked, sworn-to-secrecy whitewash of our crimes against humanity was released. In that whole process, harper continued to deny Parliament the information to which it was ENTITLED until the last possible instance. harper did it all over again when the majority in Parliament demanded the official cost estimates of harper's insane "anti-crime" policies and the purchases of the useless F-35 fighter jets. Throw in for good measure harper's absolute indifference that Cabinet Minister Bev Oda repeatedly lied to Parliament about the crude doctoring of an official document, and you can see how little harper cares about the basis of his presumed authority to govern us.

Again I ask you; Why do we tolerate this man? Why do we at all heed the hypocritical yammering of his stupid supporters? Why are we now acquiescing to his environmentally destructive policies (rammed through in massive omnibus bills thanks to his having a majority of seats in an institution HE DOES NOT RESPECT)???

Stupid, shallow or deluded people sometimes think that "politics" is a waste of time. They themselves treat Parliament as a joke. They treat it with contempt. We Canadians have this beautiful gift of semi-democracy and we think ourselves wise to laugh about it and leave it as a plaything for the elites. We aren't wise when we do that. We're imbeciles. Are the tar-sands going to continue to poison the north and belch their exhaust into the atmosphere and bring on global warming? It's up to the federal government's plans (or non-plans) to address the issue. Are we going to spend billions and billions supporting pedophile dictatorships while domestic needs are ignored? It all depends on who controls Parliament. Is the Bank of Canada going to be run by an anti-inflation zealot who thinks other people's unemployment and massive deficits are less important than preserving the wealth of the elites? It's up to Parliament. Is Unemployment Insurance going to be restricted while job security is eroded? It's up to Parliament. Will we spend billions on policing and prisons to criminalize and ruin the lives of tens of thousands of people every year when it comes to the use of marijuana? It's up to who controls Parliament.

Parliament is damned important. Any federal politician who decides to treat it with contempt is unfit to govern. We are unfit to call ourselves a democratic people if we tolerate such a villain as prime minister.

This is the first installment of my plan. This portion is to convince people of harper's illegitimacy. I will continue this with a discussion of harper's election fraud tomorrow. Because the first phase of this plan is to get people comfortable with the idea that just because harper is costumed in the traditional sources of power and just because he's treated as a genuine prime minister by many in the media, instead of as the usurper that he is, it does not mean that his power is legitimate and that it would therefore be illegitimate to physically resist his pretensions.


Owen Gray said...

I agree, thwap, that it's up to parliament. The question is, "Is parliament up to the job?"

thwap said...

Parliament hasn't shown itself up to the job and neither have we.