Friday, October 11, 2013

Economic Incompetence

What we're seeing in the USA's political-economic policy isn't so much "policy" based on flawed theories, as it is naked, short-sighted greed, being justified with a fig-leaf of delusion. They want more and more money. They don't want to share it. They want to "invest" it in an unregulated, totally subsidized gambling casino, where it can either be lost in a swamp of corruption and fraud, or (preferably in the eyes of the greed-heads) it can continue to accumulate (forever) while remaining hermetically sealed from the real economy and the "greedy" hands of the majority who need to pay the rent and save for education and retirement and health insurance.

They delude themselves that they're job and wealth creators, but nobody believes that anymore. The plain evidence shows that they are wealth and job destroyers.

Here in Canada, we stagnate along, as our shriveled gnome of a finance minister practices his own style of austerity and incompetence, luxuriating in the stability brought by the more restrained neo-liberalism of his Liberal predecessors. ("Conservatives" have always been the idiot cousins in the neo-liberal family. Their wild-eyed fantasies are the only permissible deviations from neo-liberal gospel. If their delusions produce disasters now and again (think their puppet-masters), one has to admire their exuberance. Besides, their excesses helpfully make the "liberal" version of neo-liberal austerity and greed look sensible.)

Of course, the USA (and Europe, and China, and India) are looming for disaster. When those big economies go down, little Canada will get sucked-down along with it. The past thirty years have been a steady downward course. Austerity, stagnation and decline. It's required literally tens of trillions of dollars to prop-up the world capitalist economy. It's time to call complete bullshit on these morons and greed-heads. Complete bullshit.

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