Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Blogger Freezing Up

I was going to finish the Blaney-MacKay vaudeville act, but for some reason, blogger keeps freezing-up.

So fuck it. I guess.

Lot going on in the world. I went to an event about building an anti-austerity movement in Ontario. Some decent talks from people doing decent things. I noticed this shrill, irrelevant asshole was there. He accused me of being a "rape apologist" for saying that, whatever his guilt or innocence with the rape accusations, Julian Assange has a right to fear extradition to the United States, that Sweden might take some orders from the world's soul super-power and that the Swedish prosecutor did act in a way that was questionable at times.

The people on the panel and half the people in our discussion group were anti-capitalist. The other half in our discussion group rejected the idea of being anti-capitalist and the "us versus them" political mindset.

When it was my turn to speak, I joked that my personal strategy would solve all their problems, but I wouldn't talk it about it just then. I did say that when we speak to others outside the movement, we should accentuate the positive things we want to see built, rather than constantly criticizing things.

Some plodding dullard spoke after me and took me to task for trying to impose universal theories and a one-size fits all strategy.

I would have thought that joking about how I wouldn't talk about my brilliant idea that solves everything, before going on to do just that and NOT talk about it, should have clued her in to the fact that I wasn't, you know, talking about my universal theory that could solve everything.


Maybe the human race is too stupid to survive. At least the people there had their hearts in the right place. They recognize that there are problems. Gibbering right-wing shit-heads on the other hand, they CAUSE problems and obsess about NON-problems.

It all seems so fucking hopeless.

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