Wednesday, November 9, 2016

The Racist, Rapist Won

How stupid and/or ignorant would you have to be to vote for a piece-of-shit like Donald Trump?  As stupid as a Canadian "Blogging Tory." As stupid as Davis Aurini. And these people aren't just stupid and/or ignorant. A lot of them are deplorable. (The opposite of "adorable.") We're in for a rough ride world.

But, unlike those self-described "progressives" who turned their brains to shit so that they could endorse a mass-murdering scum-bag like Hillary Clinton, I'm not totally surprised at this result. Nor am I all that bent out of shape about it. Because, unlike them, I saw Hillary Clinton for the rotten candidate she was. Just like I see Barack Obama for the monster that he is. Contrary to their idiot, ignorant, ass-hat delusions, it was Hillary who was the bigger threat for starting World War III.

Trump, being an ignoramus, doesn't know that arming and funding nation-destroying Islamic terrorists is official US state policy. He thinks it's a genuine struggle. As such, he sees Russia's Putin smashing the terrorists in Syria and he says the US should work with him. Or, even allow Putin to do the job by himself. "What do we care?" Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton destroyed Libya and turned the whole place over to the terrorists. If that were really important, there'd have been no way she could have even gotten close to being nominated. But it's all bullshit. So she did.

Trump won in place that voted for Obama by wide margins in past elections. Did they all turn racist inside of four years? Or were these ignorant, deluded, desperate people who saw the Democrats protect Wall Street criminals, sign "free-trade" deals that export jobs (and promise more such job destruction in the future), and continue the useless, expensive wars in the Middle East rather than fix real problems at home. (Again, why these people think a con-artist buffoon like Trump will really help them is beyond me.)

The thing is, I know that I can't reason with most Trump supporters. The ones who like to talk politics are shameless about their own vileness and hypocrisy. I have more in common with liberals. And liberals, those among you not blinded by partisanship, please learn from this debacle.

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