Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Profiles in Liberal Fuck-Wittery

Sorry liberals/Liberals. Not going to apologize for not supporting corrupt, mass-murderer Hillary Clinton. "Lesser-Evilism" brought us to Trump. It was HRC's job to get people to support her. It wasn't everybody else's responsibility to force themselves to want to vote for her. She could not get people mobilized, even against someone as loathsome and stupid as Donald Trump because she was running on her party's, her husbands and Obama's legacy. A legacy of destructive corporate rights "free trade" deals. A legacy of destruction of social programs. A legacy of austerity. A legacy of mass incarceration. A legacy of continuing Repug policies of torture and war and inhumanity.

The response of sane people is to reject BOTH Clintonism and Trumpism. If you want to vote for criminal, mass-murdering, elite-serving scum-bags liberals, that's YOUR mental affliction. And fuck you.

And, no, sorry Liberals; once again, let me repeat that Jack Layton was under no obligation to allow Paul (bullshit artist) Martin to continue to destroy public healthcare. If Paul-goddamned-Martin cared so much about his national daycare program (promised in 1992 and due for delivery by 2007), or his Keewatin Accord, he could have agreed to stop destroying pubic healthcare. I guess his priorities were to destroy pubic healthcare first over those other two.

Lately there's been some self-righteous anonymous prick in liberal Montreal Simon's comments section saying shit like this:
Left wing morons+right wing media working hard to take down Justin Trudeau so we can get Leitch or O'Leery as Prime Minister. Just look at the hype around Jagmeet Singh. Yes yes, he is in GQ, yes yes, split the vote you goddamn fucking morons.
I replied:
Split the vote? You mean that problem we have with our archaic first-past-the-post electoral system?
The one that Justin has decided to keep?
There really can't be anything to say after that. Blaming lefties for a problem that dreamy Justin Trudeau allows to continue.

Speaking of dreamy Justin Trudeau: While he does look nice in all those selfies, he must be pretty rotten on the inside to goddamned fucking ignore the SUICIDE EPIDEMIC among First Nations' youth. He's pretty fucking scuzzy to ignore a direct order to bring spending on social services for First Nations up to those enjoyed by the settler society. (Even after cynically voting for a NDP motion that he do so.) The asshole is planning on having a Canadian version of the Standing Rock tragedy.

Sorry liberals.

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