Tuesday, March 28, 2017

George W. Bush & Rob Ford

Recently, there's been efforts to rehabilitate the war criminal (and moron) George W. Bush. Supposedly he respected the news media (when he wasn't lying to them about WMDs) and he isn't as obnoxious as Donald J. Trump. Yes, and for this thin gruel we forgive him his criminal war of aggression against Iraq; his vicious racism, his corruption. This lazy, stupid, ignorant man is now an "elder statesman" or something.

Why is so much our political culture self-evidently vile and stupid???

Similarly, the shameless hacks and hypocrites at SUN Media are reflecting fondly on the career of Rob Ford on the first anniversary of his death.

Now, first of all, of these two men, Rob Ford was the better. He might have been a vicious homophobe (and given that he's younger than me, that's inexcusable), and a hypocrite and abusive, but he also had a hard-working side to him. Bush was, and still is, irredeemably lazy. Also, Ford had the "common touch." He genuinely got along with a lot of people. Bush was an arrogant elitist. (Some achievement for an imbecile.) Ford had this endearing fuck-up aspect that charmed many people.

But let's not forget some other not-so-nice parts of our dear, departed ex-mayor. Now, normally, I wouldn't bother to write about Rob Ford, especially critically, now that he's gone. He wasn't a world-historical monster, whose grim legacy has relevance for us all still. But if the Toronto Sun is going to deliberately mythologize the man, and lie about his record and his behaviour, then their bullshit deserves a response.

Let's start with Joe Warmington's "Ford's Influence Still Felt": Around about the middle of the editorial he writes: "The headlines and interest in videos about his addictions are gone." "Videos about his addictions." That could be a video with two doctors talking about the nature of the drugs Ford was taking and their impact upon his health. Or, it could be a fucking video of him smoking fucking crack cocaine that was later used to try to extort money from him. And the newspaper headlines would be about that too. Isn't it goddamned newsworthy when the mayor of Canada's largest city is smoking crack cocaine with gangsters??? Especially a mayor with a stated "zero tolerance for drugs and gangs"?

Warmington continues: "So is the cat-and-mouse game of political opponents and media trying to force him from office." I have to say, Joe, that it's entirely common practice to expect that politicians caught engaging in illegal behaviour tend to resign. If Dennis Miller was caught on tape buying heroin, do you think Toronto City Council would ask only that he "seek help for his demons"? And the other time Ford almost lost power came when he stupidly spoke to and voted on the question of whether he should have to pay a fine. Ie., something on which he had an individual financial interest. This is called "conflict of interest." And he was being fined for hitting up lobbyists to donate to his highschool football charity.

[Now here's the thing about that: I have no doubt that Ford's football charity was legit. I do not believe he used it for personal gain. But it looks bad to ask people coming to City Hall asking for jobs or favours, to hit them up for money. Tolerating what Ford did would allow for all sorts of murky activity. Any idiot who isn't a partisan stooge would see and admit that. That Ford spoke to and voted on whether he should be fined for such behaviour was absolutely atrocious.]

Warmington goes on about how with Ford gone, the free-spending, lazy ways are back. Also: "Political correctness is back with a vengeance."  What the fuck??? Oh my god! "POLITICAL CORRECTNESS!!!" Shriek! No! Won't somebody think of the children???

What is the dumb-fuck even talking about with that one?

"He believed every tax dollar was sacred and not to be wasted or squandered."

Except for the multi-million dollar fines he had the city incur for cancelling "Transit City" when shovels had already started digging the ground. Except for burying a report on the Gardiner Expressway because he likes that ugly white elephant and didn't want to have a debate about maybe tearing it down or burying it. And except for all those friends of his who got jobs in his office. And except for those assistants who ran personal errands for him on the taxpayers' dime while he was railing about other councilors buying an espresso machine for their office or a bunny suit to march in a parade.

Another article: "'He was lynched' Mother and brother remember late mayor'"

Now, obviously, someone who married Ford's obnoxious blowhard right-wing father, is going to have loved her obnoxious right-wing son. And she would naturally be hurt by the criticism of her son. But let's face facts: He brought international disgrace to this city. He was a monstrous hypocrite and a fiscal incompetent. Yes, he restrained (some) spending. But he obviously had no clue about the city's finances and would contradict himself as to whether Toronto had a revenue or a spending problem depending upon what he was talking about at the time.

Lastly, Adrienne Batra speculates about what Ford would say about Kathleen Wynne, Justin Trudeau and Donald Trump. Basically it's a bunch of pointless crap with constant references to how careful Ford was with the city's money.

If you want to know how loyal Donald Trump's fans are and will be, look no further than the loyalty of "Ford Nation." You can literally smoke crack with gangsters, after having rejected funding for anti-gang programs as "hug a thug" spending, and get away with it. Ford was a personal disgrace and a disaster as mayor. Do not seek to mythologize or canonize the man.

(I thought this edition of "24 Hours" also had the racist idiot Sue-Ann Levy's sycophantic article about fellow racist idiot Ezra Levant's talk at Ryerson University. But it must have been another one. What scum.)


lagatta à montréal said...

He was also a serial drunk driver. He even drank beer (at least) while at the wheel. I don't give a shit whether people drink (I do) or smoke dope (I've done so, and if I don't now, it is simply because I don't like smoking anything) but drunk driving is pretty much the same as drunk or high waving around a loaded gun.

Yes, the Bush stuff is disgusting.

Too many people see the nazillons in your lower photo as merely cranks, but then there is the White Power shit who recently murdered an innocent elderly Black man in NYC as "practice" for more racist murders. And he has that same Nazi-Youth cum apprentice Klansman style...

thwap said...


Thanks for the reminder of that other example of carelessness. That WAS common knowledge at the time and its disgraceful that the SUN hypocrites continue to praise the man when he was so criminally irresponsible.

I don't see those Nazis as fringe anymore. There's too many of them.

These past few years, I'm convinced that humanity is too stupid to survive much longer.

Anonymous said...

Adrienne Batra can fuck off too. Gaslighting bunch of motherfuckers.

thwap said...


I was pretty sure she was an idiot. What with her position and all. But I'd never heard of her before. And didn't care to. Fan of Ayn Rand and Thatcher. What a dip-shit.

Anonymous said...

Hey thwap, Happy Easter!

Where you been at? I thought I sent you another comment re: Batra...



Anonymous said...


Am I being edited for some, unknown to me, reason?
I demand an answer to that question.

A friend who cares,

thwap said...


I'm using another computer a lot that is logged-in to another gmail account. i don't check my comments that often for obvious reasons.

I didn't have anything else from you about Batra in my holding pen.

You're not being edited.

This lap-top has three keys that stick and the cursor jumps around the screen so that I end up typing into stuff two paragraphs earlier sometimes and have to stop and start again.

Anonymous said...

1st world problems, just so glad to hear from you. And the not being edited part.
Mine's too slow. Never thought I'd say that. She's an old girl from the Garth Turner days. That was a trip.

Anonymous said...

Ever thought about gettin those technical difficulties fixed???

jus' askin fa' a friend................................

ya can't blame a good girl fa' tryin, thwap,
Ah always says- to mahself! :~)


Anonymous said...

You fucking did'nt...Selective posting, again, thwap?