Sunday, June 4, 2017

Terrorism in the UK

So, apparently there was a terrorist attack on London Bridge carried out with a van and knives. A suicide attack. Then there was the Manchester concert bombing.

Now, we know that the alleged perpetrator of the Manchester bombing was the member of a family of anti-Qaddafi Islamic extremists and that their war against the Libyan dictator was aided and abetted by British intelligence. This was "blow-back" of the most obvious kind.

Time for some creative speculation: It seems to me that there are terrorists in the UK who have been assisted by British government/police/intelligence services for years now. They are being allowed to carry out their campaigns against secular Arab rulers. Obviously, the British police and military also hunt them down and kill them. Both of these sets of facts are true. These are crazy people we're talking about.

We know for a fact that terrorism is a manufactured product courtesy of Washington-led imperialism. Saudi Arabia is the biggest fomenter of the kind of terrorism we're fixated on and it is a coddled ally. Washington deliberately arms and funds these groups to target regimes that they don't like. Terrorism is also the big excuse for violating our liberties and our rights. (They say they have to "keep us safe" from the monster they've created and sustain. They also expand the definition of "terrorism" to include political protest.)

We know that police forces and other institutions of state violence and coercion have received ample funding and new powers since this whole farce took off in 2011. They are going to be devastated should it come to an end.

Is it possible that all of these deluded scum-bags are fearful of the rise in the polls of Labour's Jeremy Corbyn? He who promises an end to the nonsense that is the "War on Terror"? If these imbeciles imagine that terrorist attacks will work as in the past, they will allow/engage in them, and then the status-quo Tories can chant "only we can keep you safe." But that didn't work after Manchester and Labour is now ahead of the Tories in some polls (in comparison to 20 percent behind before the snap election was called). Corbyn hasn't drunk from the kool-aid and he meant what he said when he said the current response isn't working. The Terrorist-Police-Industrial Complex doesn't know anything else though, so they launched a quickie attack using ready-at-hand weapons such as knives and vans. Now cancelling the election was floated but abandoned.

These are desperate, fucked-up times.


Anonymous said...

Well said.

But, you didn't blame our PM or his party so- it's not quite 'finished', is it?

thwap said...

What is that? Passive-aggressive?

It's possible that Hillary/Obama/Trudeau supporters aren't stupid. Ignorance and/or delusion can also be factors.

If that makes you feel any better.

Seriously. Hillary Clinton? An insane, war-mongering corrupt, ...

If you are mentally incapable of exiting from the binary of Democrat or Republican, then you have limited your political vision to cat-shit and horse-shit.

Anonymous said...

...calling for desperate, fucked up measures, right thwap? Right??

whoa - crackragin' or wha'?

my pocket contains the LIBversion of Godz Green Crack!!

give it a run- rides great, swap!

tens years on with you, an' ya 'aven't learned a damned thing. completely misread me. lines and betwixt the lines. wow, time fo' you to do a re-read. nex' time I need a cheap diagnosis from an angry, hostile dipper? you can find me at AD's place. Which I came upon...uh...accidently...I prefer the lawyerly, suit-wearing types, anyhow. With or without cats.

Jus' remember this from a no longer friend who no longer cares, kk -

no Ralph, no hanging chads, no dubya fuck-up in Iraq, no toxic dumpster fire! See? Wahwlahw!!! You third-railers getting in the way of a good,binary fight.
As per.

Try to go easy on those poison pills boa, it's ugly & unseemly.

This episode of ~ Burning Bridges ~ has been brought to you by me, Linda J., and my three co-equal, partners.

I'm outta this 9x6 'n back to where the sun always shines. Meet me at liberaland, if you dare, d'wap.
An open letter, awaits the steaming jungle Where. I. Rule ! ! !

be reading you, broahhzzz!!!

(anything's better than trooll shite, mate.)

thwap said...

I'm not so much a dipper as a leftist. I stay true to my principles and if a party betrays them I tend not to support that party.

A good binary fight? Between who? Two gangs of imperiallist capitalist scum-bags?

Ten years and I haven't learned a damned thing? Like what? How to fail to recognize my enemies. I can understand right-wingers to a degree. They're stupid, ignorant, bigoted people. But liberals/Liberals? The delusions at root of your bizarre fixations escape me.