Sunday, October 15, 2017

Learn From Chairman Mao!

 So, I'm reading Ross Terrill's biography of Mao, and the many chapters describing his career up to becoming the unquestioned leader of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) in Yan'an made me think about my own trials and tribulations. To whit; ... that in retrospect it is obvious that any revolution in the foreseeable future in early-20th century China would require the peasantry, because they made up about 90% of the population. But only Mao seemed to recognize this. The rest of the CCP was fixated on interpreting Marxist dogma, and that, through the blinkered lens of the Soviet Union, which was grandly ignorant of Chinese realities.

For years Mao was criticized, condemned, stripped of offices and even threatened, for departing from the official line. It wasn't until his superiors and rivals were severely weakened or even destroyed by their misplaced ideological loyalties, that they were forced to admit that he'd been right and this gave him the moral and intellectual clout to become the supreme leader of what was left of the CCP in Yan'an.

Now, because there are those among my [few] readers who misinterpret me (either honestly or otherwise), let me say that the title of this blog-post is meant to be tongue-in-cheek. It's a parody of the exuberant tone of so many Cultural Revolution slogans. I do not aspire to be a Mao (or a Pol-Pot as was said about me by one frenzied commentator at "Montreal Simon"), nor am I a fan of totalitarianism. (I'm also not one to dismiss the many important achievements of the CCP in light of the horrible state China was in at the beginning of the 20th Century.)

But I do want to say that it seems to me painfully, terrifyingly obvious that we are not going to petition or peacefully demonstrate and march away the violent, sickeningly evil oligarchy that presently controls the world. "Please murderous elite: We 'DEMAND' that you stop ruling over us. Or else we'll peacefully march in city centers for a day!"

It's ridiculous on the face of it. Accommodating this evil system (a-la "social democracy") is a dead-end. So is putting on a mask and throwing a rock through a window. So is the whole incoherent program of deluded anarchists such as that "slumberjack" imbecile from the departed discussion board.

We must fit a revolutionary program to the population we're given, not some abstract concepts in our heads. We must plan to take power away from elites and disperse it amongst as many human beings as possible. We must do more than endlessly critique and analyze the present. We must propose a future and a path towards it.


Owen Gray said...

You're right, thwap. Without public support -- lots of it -- there will be no change.

thwap said...


Sadly, I when I do hear leftists talking about wholesale societal change, their means for accomplishing this appear to be doubling down on he same failed tactics they've been pursuing for the past 50 years.

Slumberjack said...


Slumberjack said...

Post structuralist psychobabble could do wonders for this place.

thwap said...

I was tempted to "censor" you and not post your comments. Mainly because my experience of discussing anything with you showed that it was useless.

In the interest of "what the fuck, who cares?" I decided to post your comments.

"Geez" I understand as an honest reaction.

"Post structuralist psychobabble could do wonders for this place." I categorize as just one in a veritable plethora of your groundless assertions. I'll grant that it is at least understandable and, therefore, a rarity for your output.

Slumberjack said...

Don't hold your breath because we won't be interacting beyond this. That helpful tidbit of advice, that of not holding your breath, is the most chivalrous advice I can give all things considered.

thwap said...


That's perfectly fine with me. Your little attempt at being snide is all you're fucking good for.

With your incoherent calls to inaction, you couldn't be a more counter-productive influence if you tried. Our recent interaction here, ... your appearance dredging up all those past impressions of your utter uselessness, has made me start to think that you're probably a right-wing troll trying to prevent the left from ever achieving anything.

Now to answer the little turd you left in another post and be done with you ...