Friday, June 8, 2018


Ah! "Democracy"! Well, we don't have a democracy in Canada. We elect representatives to negotiate from a position of weakness with the oligarchy. At the best of times. Then, here in Ontario, there are times like this, when less than 60% of the electorate votes and almost half vote out of ignorance, delusion, greed, stupidity or bigotry. (Or some combination of these.) And in so doing, elect a party of grifters, closet-cases, racists, homophobes, misogynists, and other assorted scum-bags.

The nicest of the deplorable qualities is ignorance. It can be fixed and it isn't malicious.

What about apathy? Super-radicals believe that it's the wisdom of the people giving up on the sham of democracy. But I haven't seen any studies. Methinks it's just as likely laziness. Besides, the super-radicals can't articulate the glorious visions they have that are hovering just out of their minds-eye.

Some super-radicals say that we mustn't call people who voted for Rob Ford and against their own self-interest as "stupid." But I say if they're stupid, then they're stupid. Besides, I have to live with the consequences of their stupidity, so it's not like I don't have a personal axe to grind.

FWIW I voted for Kathleen Wynne. Literally. She's my MPP. I was going to vote NDP because I wanted the super-corrupt Ontario Liberals to be defeated. But on election day, when it still seemed like anyone's guess what would happen, but that a OPC majority was one of the possibilities, I thought it churlish to vote for the distant third candidate. Especially since Wynne was neck-and-neck with whatever fuck-face my local shit-head population was rooting for.

So how's that Liberals? Did you do the same where you lived? If the ONDP candidate was the contender, did you forget rank partisanship and do what you could to try to stop Ford? Voting against something is dispiriting. It's why so many Canadians want to get rid of "First Past the Post." (And voted for Justin Trudeau who lied and decided that electoral reform was dead the second after he got his majority.)

I don't blame people for being turned-off by the farce that is Canadian "democracy." But I don't enable stupidity or ignorance. And the Left is vowing to "resist" Ford. Given past performances their effectiveness should be somewhere close to nil.

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