Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Trump Derangement Syndrome and Russia-gate

I've mentioned this before but I'll say it again: Critics of the moronic george dubya bush were often accused of suffering from "bush derangement syndrome" [bDS] by his supporters. To whit; pointing out he was stupid, that his case for the invasion of Iraq was based on lies, that he was a craven servant of the plutocracy, that he stole elections, was "deranged." But all of those things turned out to be true. (NEWS FLASH!! I'd read the words "bush derangement syndrome" on various right-wing sites but it's only now that I see the stupid term was coined by Charles Krauthammer. How precious! I never bothered to read much of what that imbecile wrote but the one time that I did he proved himself to be garbage.)

[Some might say that 9-11 Truthers were also included as suffering from bDS but that's a separate category. Personally, I believe that bush II's regime was determined to let something/anything happen, and were therefore deliberately lax in doing their job of providing leadership/focus/direction, but they had no idea it would be so big. And, anyway, bush II's official investigation into the event was bullshit, so let people think it was an inside job for all that I care.]

So bDS wasn't really a thing. But "Trump Derangement Syndrome" certainly is. Sure, Trump is vile and loathsome. A bloated, orange, combed-over piece of racist, misogynistic sludge. But just look at the deranged things that certain of his opponents are prepared to say:

  • That the CIA and the FBI are friends of democracy and the rule of law.

  • That the USA had a flourishing democracy in the first place and that it is now, for the first time apparently, endangered as never before by Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin.

  • That the USA actually operated under the Rule of Law before Trump/Putin but now this too is threatened.

  • That Hillary Clinton's "hacked" emails revealed nothing bad, and they didn't even exist, but that nonetheless they were "hacked" (not LEAKED) and these non-revelations of nothing bad somehow cost the election.

I guess this is all part and parcel of "Hillary Derangement Syndrome" (HDS). So let me go into THAT for a little bit:

  • Hillary Clinton was THE MOST QUALIFIED CANDIDATE EVAH!!! (And if you challenge them on this shit-assed ludicrous assertion prepare for either an avalanche of invective or a summary social-media blocking. I, personally, find it immensely gratifying when the hateful insults are being hurled by a female Hillary-bot who would ordinarily condemn such behaviour as a symptom of "toxic masculinity" such as saintly women never stoop to.)

  • That Hillary Clinton's vagina somehow overcomes her slavish devotion to the military-industrial complex and her fealty to Wall Street criminals and her serial assaults on the well-being of ordinary US-American (her active ongoing support for corporate health insurance/the industrial-prison complex/welfare "reform" that threw millions into destitution) and the blood on her hands of Iraqis, Afghans, Syrians, Egyptians, Libyans, Hondurans, Venezuelans (to name only the most egregious of her imperialist crimes). Seriously. So many people were prepared to exalt this piece of shit because she was a woman, which really comes down to her genitalia. Because when it came to her policies, she showed herself just as violent, cold-hearted, cynical and corrupt as any male politician. She didn't exhibit any of the supposedly inherent qualities that make women different from men.

And on and on it goes ...

  • That a few hundred-thousand dollars of social media ads produced by a click-bait farm in Russia gave the election to Trump in an election that cost over $1 billion. Yes. If you're reading this blog then you're probably one of the people who convinced themselves that a fucking "Black Lives Matter" meme/ad, posted after the goddamned fucking election was over, helped get Trump elected. Jesus Christ! STOP!!! How the fuck could an ad purchased AFTER the fucking election influence the fucking election?!?

  • That indictments of Russian nationals who will never be extradited to stand trial constitutes "evidence" that Russia meddled in the 2016 US election.

  • That Russia committed an "Act of War" when it meddled in the 2016 election but that pointing out that the USA "meddles" in the politics of other countries (including invasions and overthrowing of governments) is called "Whataboutism."

  • That Trump's belligerent tone towards North Korea was a threat to the future of all mankind, but his meeting with Kim Jong-Un was disgraceful kow-towing to a dictator. Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton's ravings about shooting down Russian planes over Syria wasn't problematic at all. (And why are you still talking about Hillary Clinton? By the way; You should have voted for Hillary Clinton. She was the greatest candidate EVAH!!! And it's your fault we have Trump you stupid PURITY PONY!!! Wahhhh!!! She lost because of YOU!!! I'll hate you forever!!!!! Wahhhh!!!!)
  • That (the latest) 12 Ruskies hacked into the electoral roles and purged thousands (?) hundreds of thousands (???) .... well, they purged enough Democrat supporters from the roles to suppress the voter turnout. Democratic Party supporters showed up at the polls on election day 2016 and even though they swore they'd registered to vote they weren't on the list and therefore couldn't vote. And so they quietly went home. And, unlike the complaints about butterfly ballots in the Florida voting during bush II vs Gore 2000, or the shenanigans in bush II vs Kerry in 2004 (long lines in Democratic strongholds/complaints about voting machines switching votes from Kerry to bush II/unprecedented discrepancies between exit-polls and final vote counts) that were noted at the time, as far as I can tell, these politically-timed FBI allegations are the first anyone has spoken of this.  Two years of silence and now all the gullible suffers of TDS are scared shitless about how the Russians deprived vast numbers of people of their franchise. 

I could go on. But trying to channel this nonsense is tiring and depressing. Listen people: Trump IS disgusting. So was/is Hillary Clinton and the entire leadership of the Democratic Party. It goes without saying that the whole Repugnican Party is vile. They BOTH suck. And they will BOTH destroy civilization given the chance. Obama is the first president to have allotted to his office the power to murder US citizens without trial. He maintained and expanded the carnage in the Middle East. He presided over the transfer of 90% of the growth in the GDP to the top 1%. And he was the saner one out of himself and Hillary Clinton. A vote for her would have been an endorsement of a rotten status-quo.

Go after Trump for his real crimes and horrors. But EVEN IF he got some Russian help; he's not Putin's puppet. He can't be. The USA is too powerful. And Trump's fans have forgiven him so many scandals that any pee-tapes would have no impact on their devotion to him. Stop trying to ratchet-up tensions between the nuclear super-powers you fucking idiots.

So, at long last; What do we do with these stupid mother-fuckers? These ranting, paranoid, conspiracy-theory nuts? These shameless hypocritical morons?

My suggestion is to obtain as many large bank vaults as we can and fit as many of these Russia-gaters as we can into each of them. Strap them all into their chairs and fit them with one of those bondage gags that allows things to be stuck into their mouths:
The above "Deep Throat Gag" sells online for $25.94 at eXtreme Restraints (dot-com), although I see they're out of stock at the moment. (And, just so nobody gets it into their pretty little head that the Schoolyard is into displaying graphic images of females being bound and humiliated, I draw your attention to the "Locking Penis Pump Gag" from the same online merchant, which sells for $72.67.)

I posted that first bondage gag image for a reason. To whit; That's where we'll put the lit stick of dynamite into the restrained Russia-gaters' mouths. (Aha! They're apparently called "ring gags.") Then, when all their mouths are filled with explosives, we'll close the door to the vault and allow these imbeciles to enjoy their own personal Armageddons, while we go on to try to make something of our lives.

I have no intention of being vaporized for such hypocrisy and ridiculousness. This evidence-free braying about Russian "acts of war." Fuck you assholes. Now and forever.


opit said...

Dubya was a jet pilot who managed not to get killed flying a 'widowmaker'. The AWoL episode makes no sense unless he was working for Daddy ( CIA ). His IQ tested at 126 and his brother revealed he would play stupid as a boy to avoid the worst punishments for depraved actions. This does not translate into stupid. I'm sure Turd Blossom ( Rove ) had a field day with that.
Iraq was planned under Clinton. You should still be able to find the file for the 1999 war game "Post Saddam Iraq : Desert Crossing". The State Department had it all laid out, which is where Bremer's 100 Orders ( occupation regulations ) came from. That is why the Iraqi bureaucracy, police and armed forces were all thrown out of work. The WMD nonsense was so transparent that the head of the CIA middle east nuclear threat desk ( Valerie Plame / Wilson ) was 'blown' by Scooter Libby of Dick Cheney's office. The Brewster Jennings network likely suffered uncounted casualties among its operatives and sources.
Idebar : it was Valerie Wilson's husband who made a trip to Nigeria to See if Saddam had been shopping for yellowcake. Iraq was lousy with the stuff.
9 / 11 ? The cast of characters were identified within days, despite being in an aircraft that burned to incinerate its contents.....and not being forensically inspected ! I need some of that crystal ball tech to interrogate the dead. And the putative leader - never identified as such by the FBI, which is why the Taleban would not release him - was a Saudi prince and CIA paymaster. The first person to suspect, wouldn't you think ?
I have seen zero evidence for Russiagate, despite sanctions being put in place as a result of allegations made.
So yeah. Neither Bush nor Trump is the stupid one. OTOH the people who believe this dreck.....

thwap said...


My world won't be shattered if it's proven to me that bush II was only acting stupid. Nonetheless, I will continue to maintain that he was until convinced otherwise.

I think my IQ (did a test about 20 years ago) is in the high-130s. I suck at math. I have no mechanical aptitude. I'm easily distracted.

I'll maintain that bush II, like many a race-car driver, has good physical reactions. Apparently the physical world can work slower for these people, allowing them to respond in ways that seem amazingly fast. (bush II's impressive shoe-dodging comes to mind.)

But as far as eloquence, moral depth, wisdom, basic human empathy, ... bush II was sorely lacking. And if it was all an act, what was the rational justification for his 45 seconds of bizarre silence in that debate with Kerry?

No. I think that in a lot of ways, bush II was stupid and he was certainly lazy.

The AWOL also makes sense if you consider that bush II was a lazy, stupid rich brat well on his way to becoming a raging alcoholic drug-user.

By "Iraq was planned under Clinton" I suppose you mean the sorts of plans that the vast US military creates and revises all the time; the invasion of every nation on earth. There are plans for the invasion of Canada. Obviously there were plans for the invasion of Iraq. Whether Clinton would have used them is another story.

I'm glad we're agreed that this Russia stuff is nonsense.

opit said...

Moral depth ? Dubya ? Compassion is a quality found in those who have experienced hardship. Nuff said.