Monday, January 28, 2019

Hooz Kidding Hoo? We Suk

It's simply a goddamned fact that stephen ["OMG! Where's the Closet?!?"] harper desecrated every single basic foundational principle of our Westminster System of Parliamentary Government. He committed election fraud to steal a majority. He sabotaged the work of parliamentary committees. He used public resources, such as the Canada Revenue Agency, as weapons to attack his ideological adversaries. He lied repeatedly and brazenly and obviously and there's no question about it he was lying and everyone knew it, on a regular basis in Parliament. He insulted the Crown. He withheld information from Parliament. He used "national security" to cover-up war crimes. He used his stolen majority to ram through one massively gargantuan omnibus bill after another through Parliament with practically no debate. I could go on [sadly] but you get the picture.

And our titans in the Fifth Estate, the adversarial watchdogs of journalism, endorsed this putrid mother-fucker and all his shit-for-brains policies. Because, in the end, the owners and the sycophantic employees of institutions like The Globe & Mail are products of oligarchy. When it comes to democracy or oligarchy, they will choose oligarchy. When it comes to human rights over profit and power they will choose profit and power. When it comes to the truth or the system they will choose the system.

And the reason that this tool of oligarchy has any sway at all within the wider society is because our society has a significant minority of stupid, ignorant, ugly-thinking, monkey-brained losers who are attracted to the myths of "capitalism" and the delusions of consumerism and, most importantly, the idiocy and toxicity of racism. Not for them acceptance of sexual diversity. Men are men and women are women and the degenerate romantic visions of toxic masculinity are the only valid outlets for sexual desire. (Pathetically, a large proportion of this voting demographic are self-hating kinksters and closet-cases.)

Not for them respect and understanding of other cultures. No. The First Nations are ..., Muslims are ..., Blacks are ..., etc., etc., I can't even be bothered to summarize this vicious stupidity.

So, these stupid chumps comprise the voting base for the political bowel-movement of "conservatism."

But then what do we have? The oily, smarmy, sanctimonious, hypocritical, duplicitous liberals. These are people I can ordinarily have a conversation with but they're just as capable of turning their brains off and violating supposedly long-held principles on a dime as their more obviously stupid conservative brethren and sistren. [Apparently that's the actual word!]

Barack Obama promised "hope and change" while filling his cabinet with career-criminals from Goldman Sachs? No problem! Over 90% of the economic growth during his presidency when the richest 1% of society? I'm sure he meant well! He continued the slaughter in the Middle East and the imperialism in Latin America? Well, you need to understand that he's in charge of an "empire" and there are certain constraints on his freedom of action and ....  He granted himself the right, as President, to murder US citizens without trial? Well, I'm sure he only murdered US-Americans who deserved it!

What's that you say? Hillary Clinton is an even bigger homicidal maniac than Obama? I'm With HER! Hillary Clinton is a serial incompetent who never achieved a single thing of moment? I'll put my fingers in my ears and declare her the most qualified candidate for President EVAH!!!!!

But here in Canada! We've got dreamy Justin Trudeau: "This will be the LAST election fought under our archaic, unfair, stupid first-past-the-post electoral system!" "Oh wait! Did I just win a massive majority? NEW PLAN!!!"

Trudeau promises reconciliation and respect for the First Nations. Then he attacks their protests against unwanted pipelines going through their lands.

Trudeau promised to "reform" harper's Orwellian surveillance legislation. His idea of "reform" is to make CSIS report its unconstitutional activities to his own office which is the obligated to do absolutely nothing to make this information available to the people paying for the violation of their own rights and freedoms.

Trudeau can't find any money for housing or health care or education, but he can pull $4 billion out of thin-air to by the rights to a leaking oil-pipeline.

Trudeau pretends he understands the apocalyptic consequences of global warming, but his policies are to keep pumping that shit out the ground and giving it to others to burn.

Just like our former fuck-head of a Foreign Minister, John Baird, the current fuck-head Chrystia Freeland, likes to bloviate about standing-up to the Ruskies in the Ukraine. But with Freeland it's more than just whatever stupidity was animating Baird. With her, it's personal. The Ukraine is now being run by fascists, and Ukrainian fascists, are, quite literally HER PEOPLE.

She disgraces us by siding up with protean fascist Donald Trump, bonafide fascist, Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro, and Honduran Drug-lord/Fraudulently elected president Juan Orlando Hern├índez to bring "democracy" to Venezuela's oil industry. 

Argh. Don't get me started on the arrest of Meng Wanzhou. Okay. One thing: Why are we harming our own national self-interest by antagonizing China at the behest of a US President who has routinely insulted and betrayed their own government and Canada generally? Because they're spineless, amoral, stupid morons who don't know what the right thing to do is even if their worthless lives depended on it.

So we have these liberal mewling hypocrites and we have these beefy, racist, shit-for-brains "conservatives" shrieking about Trudeau's "treason" and threatening to hang him. And together, both these teams of imbeciles comprise anywhere from 50 to 60% of the adults in this country. 

It's hopeless.

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