Sunday, November 24, 2019

Long Litany of LIberal Loserdom

Adding the blog "Lawyers, Guns, & Money" to the rogue's gallery of stupid liberals. Like the scribbling obsessive who writes at "Driftglass" and the insane, shit-head, lying, delusional, all-around-bad-person "Jackie Blue" who supervises "Montreal Simon" and makes sure he stays on message for the Liberal Party of Canada, ... LG&M is simply incapable of processing just how unpopular and out-of-touch their parties and their policies are.

I used to like the blog (and, like all liberals, they're far better people, morally and intelligence-wise) than their conservative counterparts [I'm going to have to make an exception for the detestable, deplorable "Jackie Blue"]; but over time I started to notice a general animosity towards Jeremy Corbyn. And that's a clear sign of insanity. Then people in the comments section there started freely tossing around the baseless smears of anti-Semitism and also tried to make his republicanism and his disdain for Britain's nuclear weapons program as if they were personal failings.

The also can't seem to fathom the appeal of Tulsi Gabbard. Now, Ms. Gabbard is a strange figure. She was raised in an ultra-conservative Hindu family (which, I believe, bordered on cult-like) and joined the US military after 9-11 fully believing in the rightness of the USA, and evils of Muslims and LGBTetc., types. Exposure to the brutality and folly of the US occupation of Iraq, as well as to the repressiveness of fundamentalist religious culture made Gabbard change her views about US foreign policy as well as on the regulation of morals. (Gabbard remains a traditional conservative on a lot of things but does not let that impact her voting record on LGBT issues.)

To make a long story short, the folks at LG&M simply can't see why Gabbard has to be so vocally indignant about the Democratic Party leadership who corrupted the 2016 primary; who support regime-change wars in Iraq, Libya, Syria, and who cynically use Saudi-backed fundamentalist extremists to fight these wars; who coddle Wall Street criminals and meddle in Latin America to support corrupt oligarchs. And, being unable to process Gabbard's views on the total moral and intellectual bankruptcy of their party (because, after all the Republicans are worse!) they can only sneer at her and mock her. (Don't get me wrong: Tulsi Gabbard has a lot of baggage. But she speaks for a lot of US-Americans in her opposition to the bloody imperialism of US foreign policy and the corruption of the Democratic Party.)

Today, LG&M has posted an entire article about a deluded, fanatical Republican supporter. She becomes unhinged trying to get some super-corrupt, oily Kentucky slimeball re-elected as Governor after it appears he's going to lose. The thing is, these Democratic Party dead-enders might be more intelligent and decent than the Republican Party base, but their partisan fanaticism is just as deep and delusional as their counterparts.

The same can be said for the whining shit-bag "Driftglass" and his stupid vendetta against Glenn Greenwald, or for the deplorable "Jackie Blue" and her screeching about "purity ponies" as she blindly supports the racist, imperialist, corrupt, corporate tool Liberals. And this inability to shake themselves free from their tribalist nonsense, and the way they deliberately warp their thinking so as to make themselves incapable of seeing what's right in front of them, is yet another reason for why humanity is doomed.


Oh yeah. So, the recent brazen right-wing coup in Bolivia: The liberal assholes at LG&M were spending more time stupidly condemning Evo Morales for running for a fourth term than they were condemning the racist, lying shit-for-brains US puppets and pukes who have seized power. Because that's the party-line from the New York Times, Washington Post, CNN, MSNBC propaganda outlets that these idiots get their talking-points from.

And you won't find any mention at Montreal Simon's blog of Canada's shameful participation in this abomination, nor any remarks on the sickening hypocrisy wherein Liberal Trudeau and Crystia Freeland impose murderous sanctions on the country of Venezuela for imaginary crimes while welcoming the new government of Bolivia as it massacres indigenous people in the streets.


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