Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Suppressing Dissent

"Banned from Canada for War Protest" by Ann Wright from http://www.commondreams.org/ is a chilling example of the way North American corporate and political elites are taking advantage of the threat of terrorism (that their own policies has produced) and the "Security and Prosperity Partnership" to suppress domestic dissent to their system.

Many countries have succumbed to the behind the scenes 9/11 pressure of the Bush administration to enact extensive and expansive anti-terrorism laws to increase “harmonization” and integration of security measures among countries. Unfortunately, the Canadian government is mirroring the Bush administration’s use of security measures to increase control over dissent in their country-and in other countries.

Most of the new security measures are done through administrative agreements, international joint working groups, regulations and the use of international organizations such as the G-8 and the International Civil Aviation Organization. By using administrative regulations, the U.S. and Canadian governments avoid opening up the proposed restrictions of personal privacy to public scrutiny and debate by preventing such regulations from being enacted in the Congress or Parliament.


Wayne said...

Good. Condi for President.

thwap said...

My reason for having this blog is mainly a place that compels me to write and be politically aware ...

bert said...

The short version seems to be that the lady in question was refused entry because the hosting MPs did not obtain the necessary paperwork to override the inevitable refusal at the border. Hardly sinister, just your government at work. There was plenty of time between her arrest and her journey to Ottawa to get the job done. I suspect that it was not done to cause exactly this kind of incident, so that they could whine about injustice and sing a few bars of "Kumbaya".

thwap said...

... but it's also a place where I can use my "schoolyard" taunts to tell right-wingers what I think of them, without worry of suspension from a moderator at babble, or EnMasse, or whatnot.

"wayne," you are one of the stupidest, ugliest mother-fuckers I've ever encountered.

You're banned from this site. If you post anything else, ever again, I'll delete it. I don't even care if you have an ephiphany and start acting like Martin Luther King, I'm going to delete anything and everything you fart out from here on in.

I don't care if my comments section is a desolate, empty wasteland. At least it won't be a desolate empty wasteland with a wayne-turd dropped in the middle of it.

Fuck-off you cretin.


You can fuck off too for all that I care.

You're the sort of shit that I was talking to the not-missed idjit, "fergusrush" about.

I'd love it if a left-wing government formed in Canada or the USA. T'would do something guaranteed to piss off right-wing assholes (attack their selfishness, as opposed to attacking innocent people with guns which pisses off the left but is cool with right-wing assholes), and then you could protest, or simply show up in the galleries of a legislature wearing a t-shirt, and then you'd be arrested.

And that arrest, for nothing essentially, would be used to harass you and limit your movements. Unless you went to the trouble of preparing a mountain of paper-work and waited months for purposefully unfriendly state institutions to "process" you needed documents.

Regulations and public media would launch a campaign of demonization and denigration of you, daily insulting you and the causes that you hold dear. (This would be easy since you're all braindead selfish assholes anyway.)

And all attempts by you to rectify the situation would be futile, because you're spied on, unemployed, restricted, under-funded, and (once again, what would be the difference between the left and the right) you'd be outclassed intellectually.

The beauty of it is that we'd go on to pursue peace, end the root causes of terrorism, do something about the environment, raise living standards, etc., etc., ... instead of killing people, stealing from 'em and lying to 'em, and tossing them "Jay-zuzz" as their compensation.

But I wouldn't really do that, because I'm not a fascist at heart, like "wayne's" team. Like "wayne" himself is.

bert said...

For a guy who's not a fascist, you sure dream about brownshirt tactics a lot: spying, arresting, harassing, etc.

Gives you a woodie, I bet.

What a fucking tool you are.

thwap said...


Ha-ha-ha-ha! Poor darling. You don't have a clue do you?

You honestly don't have a shred of awareness about how what you've written makes you look like the complete fucking tool.

You accuse me of fascist tendencies, and you think it's something genuinely alarmist, and testimony to the suppressed authoritarianism of lefties and blah, blah, blah, .... when the actions that I typed are the same thing that the heroic bush II and Stephen Harper regimes are doing to dissenters already!

And you're already down on record here, as saying that you don't have a problem with it!

In two short posts you've proven yourself to be a hypocrite and a moron!

And you imagine that I'm supposed to feel like I've been told what's what by your criticisms of my politics and arguments because of this garbage that you type? This laughable, incoherent garbage that you are so proud of?

Once again, "sir," - HAH!

thwap said...

Another useless waste of sperm tried to post something. It had been told that because of the emptiness and stupidity of its posts, any further attempts to comment would be deleted.

I will tell the stupid person that once again, it has failed to actually mount a coherent argument, but has instead delivered more of the same empty insults that are supposed to wound me, coming from some person I don't respect and will hopefully never meet.

BTW: I add insults to arguments. AFTER someone has been shown to be a clueless moron, then you're free to call them a clueless moron.

As I did with Master "bert" here.

bert said...

You've got a little on your chin, there, thwappy. Might wanna wipe that up before you go out in public. And try taking your meds, too, before the nice men with the net come by and fit you for one of those trendy jackets with the sleeves that tie in the back. Anti-hallucinatory drugs could surely cure you of your tendency to just make shit up and accuse the other guy of having said it.

What a fucking moron you are. But it is comical to watch you blather on, having a fucking conversation with yourself about points nobody actually made.

You should just disable comments completely because you are incapable of comprehending anything written to you. Your blog is a fucking waste of time. So, fuck you, arsewipe.

thwap said...

Belated entry: (I was linking to this post in a later one.)

Notice that "bert," after earlier exposing himself as a hypocritical moron then comes back with a content-free rant.

This is all that 80% of the right-wing (at least) is capable of. The politics of stupidity.