Monday, October 29, 2007

Yesterday's News

Yesterday, Sunday October 28th, 2007, I couldn't help but notice that the three top stories on the homepage consisted of two important stories and one inconsequential, ridiculous story, and that all three were related.

The first story was "Israel power cuts to answer Gaza rockets," which is part of the ongoing tragedy of Israel's war on the Palestinian people. The second story was "Report: 15 Kurds dead in Turkey clashes," describing how Turkey (which has been oppressing its Kurdish minority for decades) is responding to alleged sheltering of Kurdish rebels in bordering Iraqi Kurdistan by launching cross-border raids into US-occupied Iraq.

Those were the two important stories. The ridiculous story was entitled "Al-Qaeda threat reduced - US." The story linked to is no longer available evidently. Here's the search result snippet:

"Al-Qaeda threat reduced - US," News 24 SouthAfrica - Oct 28 10:31 PM
The threat from al-Qaeda in several parts of Baghdad has been significantly reduced, but Iraqis face threats from criminals, says US General David Petraeus.

It's a ridiculous story because Al-Qaeda in Iraq has always been a relatively unimportant player in that country, with most of the armed opposition to the US, and most of the overall violence, coming from domestic insurgents and sectarian or tribal militias. However, in the fantasy world of the capitalist news media, imbecilic announcements from the incompetent imperialist enforcers of bush II's delusions are instantly elevated to serious story status, and so this blatant propaganda ploy is reported as if anyone who has half-a-brain is supposed to give a shit.

And it's related to the two other stories because one: the plight of the Palestinian people was one of the motivating factors behind the creation of the original Al-Qaeda, and the general animosity of the Arab and Muslim worlds to US foreign policy. The continued expansionist tendencies of Israeli chauvinists shows no signs of abating, so, therefore, neither will this anger and the occasional terrorist inclination, and two: because the regional instability that has been created by the blundering, stupid Cheney and bush II duo is of such intensity (well beyond the very limited capabilities of both of these dunder-heads put together) that one of the potential bastions of pro-US, pro-Western government policy, Turkey, is moved to its own anti-US actions.

bush II's invasion of Iraq has strengthened fundamentalism, devastated the rights of women, produced millions of refugees and perhaps over a million excess deaths, and might bring about the dismemberment of that country along sectarian and ethnic lines, bringing all the countries of the region into direct confrontation. Meanwhile, bush II blithers on about Iran causing World War III, as part of his mindless subservience to Israel's irrational fears.


Anonymous said...

What a good little anti-Semite, anti-American, Islamist useful idiot you are, Thwapy.

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Did I miss anything, Thwap?

Oh, yeah: You're crazy.

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Good little nutroot moonbat. Have a fair-trade, vegan cookie and soy milk.

thwap said...

Wow. So many convincing arguments. [sarcasm.]

And a nice suggestion to eat a fair-trade cookie.


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No less convincing that yours.

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"No less convincing than yours" he sneered.


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