Saturday, May 17, 2008

The War on Terror

The ruling elite who form the governments of the United States doesn't care about terrorism. It is meant to be another long-term psychological warfare operation, directed mainly against their own people.

Just as the Soviets would have never been able to impose their way of life on the United States (even if the USA had maintained a purely defensive military build-up and had foregone the mass indoctrination of its own people), so too, the fractionally powerful Arab/Islamic terrorism apparatus is not going to be able to impose itself on the West. Neither will the Arabs or Muslims among us. Muslims comprise two percent of Canada's population. When they start getting even close to imposing their values on us, don't worry "blogging tories" ... we'll notice.

The pants-wetting fear exhibited by the right-wing bottom feeders would be comical if it weren't for the fact that their fears lead to government policies that produce secret trials, indefinite detentions, and torture, ... and war.

These wars are about oil. Israel is protected because it is a regional watchdog for US control of oil. Iraq was attacked for its oil. Iran is targetted for its oil. Venezuela's Chavez is a target for Whitehouse concern trolls because of oil. Most of the known terrorists are Saudis or Egyptians. Both countries receive massive amounts of US military and political assistance. The countries most involved in spreading fundamentalist obscurantism are Saudi Arabia and Pakistan. The country most guilty of proliferating WMDs or the capability to make them is Pakistan. Pakistan is another regional ally of the US. It isn't about democracy, because Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and Pakistan are all dictatorships and are under no pressures to reform from the bush II regime.

To think that we must all live in thrall to this stupid contraption of a policy. It's disgusting.

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