Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Livid about this ...


Blahhr!!! I'm trying to contain my rage! Perhaps a critique tomorrow.


no_blah_blah_blah said...

David Bercuson's piece misses just about every point.

One thing I never get is why everyone is so concerned about public anger toward the military. It's not a matter of troops run amok, but a matter of the government not giving due attention to the problem when it popped up. As with any group of people, the military has the whole range from good to not-so-good, but the main issue lies with the government.

The Canadian Forces as a whole are a (supposedly last-resort) foreign policy tool employed by the government, which is elected into power. An analogy for this case would be a person giving the keys to his/her car to a friend for whatever purpose. Due to the friend's negligence, an accident occurs. Does the person get angry at his/her friend or the car?

Alison said...

Harper Bizarro did a good follow-the-money takedown on Bercuson yesterday, which I found via Pogge.

As Alain Pellerin, retired colonel and executive director of the Conference of Defence Associations told Maclean's in 2007 : "We also have to write a number of op-eds to the press."

thwap said...


As with everything with the system in general, I wonder how much of Bercuson's piece is honest stupidity and how much is sleazy calculation.

You're bang-on about who most sane Canadians find at fault here. The CF has good people and bad, but they were all put into an impossible situation.


I remember your last comments here on Bercuson and his defence contractor ties. That's why I wonder if he's a total sleaze-ball and why I'm so angry.