Thursday, May 6, 2010

Still Alive ...

Here's a video:

I'll be typing more in about a week.


Marky Mark said...

Oh my I forgot how tight pants were way back then!

thwap said...

The chicks don't go for that so much these days, ... seeing a guy's "junk" and all.

BTW: I read that last link you provided for me in Dawg's thread. Half of it anyway (my two-year-old is going thr]\=ough my wallet at the moment).

What he says about Israel's image to the world is, in my eyes, what Israel deserves. And the same thing holds for Canada. That's why I'm incensed about our mistreatment of the First Nations, our crimes in Afghanistan, our recent Liberal and Conservative winking at the torture of Canadian citizens.

You can often judge someone by the worst thing they do, because it reflects so strongly on anything else. Example: Someone who counsels young people to stay off drugs and who also sells cocaine. One is admirable, one isn't. Which one has more influence on your attitude?

I've replied here because I told myself yesterday that I was done with that thread.

Thanks for stopping by and I'm glad we were able to talk seriously.

Marky Mark said...

Me too and enjoy the little one-they grow up much too fast. :(