Saturday, March 26, 2011

Too Bad For you stephen harper!

Right now, his contemptibleness is reminding me of the giant, cockroach shaped aliens at the end of "Godzilla vs. Gigan." I watched that one with my first boy over and over when he was a wee tyke. The insect-alien's last words as it lies dying on the floor of its wrecked headquarters (from which the dastardly creature was plotting the destruction of all humanity!) became a sort of a catch-phrase for the two of us whenever something went wrong:

"But the plan was going so well! So well!"

That must be how harper is feeling. Yeah, they had lots of cash. People have been brainwashed into thinking the economy is doing well and that the harpercons are somehow responsible. Ignatieff remains unpopular. Why shouldn't he have felt that he could kick sand in everyone's faces again?

Then he shot himself in the foot. Who doubts that Bev Oda mindlessly signed on to her staff's recommendation to fund KAIROS but that harper overruled her and crudely altered the document after the fact? Who doubts that Oda was allowed to keep her post after lying to Parliament only because she wasn't going to take the fall for harper who put her in that position in the first place?

Then harper thought that our political system was as debased as the Karl Rove-managed US-American one is, and he thought he'd actually be able to tell Parliament itself to fuck-off when it asked for spending estimates on his government's policies, but Speaker Milliken, as he did with the stand-off over the Afghan torture documents, showed him that it isn't. The people's representatives have a right to know what the government is planning and how much it will cost.

Then, the loathsome Bruce Carson was caught trying to extort First Nations into giving water contracts to the private firm that his fiancee is employed by, and shows to everyone how sleazy the harpercons are and how useless harper's much ballyhooed anti-lobbying legislation is.

harper will probably still get a minority. Our electoral system and the regional influence on it will make sure of that. But it will be a greatly reduced minority. A lot of conservative voters were appalled at the deficits being piled-up by the harpercon government. A lot of principled conservative voters can no longer stomach harper's blatant contempt for Canadian democracy. A lot of harper's supporters are going to stay home. The Liberals will probably pick up a few seats in Ontario. The NDP will definitely take some harpercon seats in British Columbia. harper will have his minority, but it will be irrelevant. We don't elect presidents. Prime ministers are made in Parliament. They are made BY Parliament.

After he loses power irrevocably, harper must be dragged before public inquiries and forced to come clean on what he did in Afghanistan. Those generals who were given the Colvin emails when Parliament was being told that "national security" issues prevented that body from seeing them, must be forced to say who gave them to them.

harper should be tried for war crimes and if he is guilty, then he should be hauled off to serve the hard time he planned for the poor that his other policies created.

Prison for harper!


Beijing York said...

"harper should be tried for war crimes and if he is guilty, then he should be hauled off to serve the hard time he planned for the poor that his other policies created."

Put him in Omar Kdar's cell in Guantanamo!

thwap said...

Obviously you mean for that to happen AFTER Khadr is released.

That young man has suffered enough without having to breath the same air as the contemptible harper.