Saturday, February 4, 2012

Ezra Levant is REALLY Stupid

And that's why the stupid portion of the Canadian bell curve likes him so much! Well, truth be told, most really stupid Canadians don't watch the news, read books or newspapers, or anything. So Ezra's fans are a small portion of the stupid population. The part that strains itself mightily trying to figure out and control their world, but who do so in a stupid fashion. A stupid minority of the stupid minority.

In a better world, a guy like me shouldn't have to even acknowledge the existence of a turd like Ezra Levant. If Canada was a genuine meritocracy, Ezra Levant would be getting wedgies in the kitchen during the night shift at Taco Bell from his teenaged work colleagues who have grown sick of his bizarre, ego-maniacal outbursts.

But capitalism is a sick system and, occasionally, the capitalists will find an obnoxious sicko like Ezra Levant, to shill for them. It's called "wingnut welfare" and Ezra's latest busy-project has been to scribble a diatribe about the "whitewash" of Omar Khadr. I wrote about it a few days back. Today I did a google search to see if anyone had actually read it and reviewed it. I didn't find much, but I did find Ezra's own stream-of-consciousness ranting on the subject:

So, what can we expect to happen with Omar Khadr when he inevitably returns to Canada?

Unfortunately, it's not hard to guess. When Maher Arar came back to Canada after he was released from a prison in Syria, he was hailed as a hero and celebrity. Every anti-war, anti-Western activist with an axe to grind--which includes a large swath of Canada's mainstream media--turned his homecoming into a triumph. If only they treated our wounded soldiers returning from Afghanistan so warmly.

So I read the whole entry. But I'll admit to skimming towards the end as the cliches and whining started to get to much for me. But Levant's whole shpiel seems to be that some people believe that as a 15-year old, Omar Khadr was a child soldier. Also, they don't see how shooting a soldier during a gun-fight could be considered a war crime. (There's evidence that Khadr might not have shot anyone, but regardless.) Also, they ask how Omar Khadr could have avoided his father's indoctrination of him and then gone on to actively resist him. Also, they ask why the Canadian government aided and abetted in the torture of one of its own citizens. Also they ask how a confession obtained through torture and indefinite detention can be considered genuine.

All of these sensible considerations are too sane and humane for Ezra to process. Ezra Levant masturbates himself to visions of young Arab males being tortured and he'll be damned if he'll tolerate anyone seeking to deny him his fodder. I think that's it anyway. I mean, it makes no sense otherwise does it? Go through that whole rant and see if you can find anything Levant says about Omar Khadr that demonstrates that his advocates are dupes:

[Khadr'll] have a career waiting for him here in Canada as a top speaker on the anti-American lecture circuit. Every pro-Islamist campus club, every unreformed mosque, as well as conferences for the reflexively anti-American New Democratic Party and the Canadian Bar Association, the national lawyers' group that for years churned out reams of press releases calling for Khadr's release and return to Canada, all are sure to hound the freed terrorist to come speak to them, paying him thousands of dollars an hour for the pleasure.

The Canadian Islamic Congress and Canadian Arab Federation have been vocal supporters of Khadr's defence and will surely welcome him with open arms onto their staff: Who better to fundraise among their Israel-hating, America-hating supporters? Perhaps Judy Rebick--the founding publisher of the left-wing webzine,

It just goes on and on like that. Khadr was raised by an Al-Qaeda father. He's accused of firing a gun in a gun-fight. He was 15. He was imprisoned by a government that practices torture and oversees a military tribunal system that has been condemned by US military lawyers. His rights were violated. The Canadian Supreme Court said so. But anyone who therefore thinks that Khadr should enjoy his rights and should perhaps be compensated for having had his most basic human rights violated is self-evidently moronic in Levant's eyes.

I read that entry for his book and I thought that besides being unspeakably tedious it was also evidence of how REALLY stupid Levant is. He's got limited space to push his book. To prove his book's argument. And what does he do? Posts a load of empty, meaningless, preaching to the choir drivel.

What a stupid fuck-head.


Sir Francis said...

There's evidence that Khadr might not have shot anyone...

Indeed. The (spurious) allegation is that he threw a grenade at a "special forces" unit.

The true sickness here is that this gibbering sack of shit is taken seriously (by some) in his whining about "anti-Americanism" after having sponsored the cross-Canada tour of the rabidly anti-Canadian Ann Coulter. Imagine a U.S. neocon, say Bill O'Reilly, being taken seriously by American conservatives after having escorted Mahmoud Ahmadinejad through a lecture tour of U.S. college campuses.

Beijing York said...

He is an idiot and I can't imagine any intellectual circle taking his work seriously. As much as I despise Ignatieff and his ilk, at least their works read as somewhat well reasoned and intellectually substantive even if very flawed. Levant is nowhere near that level. He is Canada's counterpart to Ann Coulter - trash talk right wing pundit.

Owen Gray said...

As Twain said, "If you keep your mouth shut, people will only think you're stupid. Open it and you prove the point."

Anonymous said...

Sigh, shills. Idiots. We either have the rule of law and basic human rights for everyone, or we have them for nobody at all. We're left with mere privileges graciously granted by those in power and removable by mere whim. Maybe today you think that you have the Emperor's favour, but tomorrow it could be off with your head.

Khadr should have been tried in full accordance with the law. In Canada, since the Americans have shown they obviously can't be entrusted with basic concepts of freedom and democracy. With the evidence against him, he'd probably end up in prison for a very long time.

And while the evil anti-American liberal socialists would still feel sorry for him, it would be for the situation he was forced into, not because of the consequences that the law laid down.

Levant suggests that various groups would welcome Khadr with open arms, and he may be right. But only because the raw evil the American & Canadian security apparatus (and their political managers) perpetrated against him turned him into a potential symbol of opposition against that same evil.