Thursday, February 2, 2012

Reading "This Crazy Time" by Tzeporah Berman

It was on the "new and recommended" shelf at the library. It's a pretty important book and, just like my local library branch, I recommend it.

In This Crazy Time Tzeporah Berman (one of the early leaders in the fight to save Clayoquot Sound) talks about real activism that appears to have brought about real change. I should add that it's a story (so far, ... I'm on page 121) about the achievements of non-violent activism.

I feel like pointing out that I've never said that non-violent resistance is incapable of any successes. I just don't see the need to rule out stuff as minor as vandalism or to condemn something as mild as vandalism in the face of outrageous corporate or imperialist behaviour. Berman herself says little about it. She mentions that she understood the frustration of one of her colleagues who tried to blow-up a bridge built by a logging company to access a portion of the BC rainforest but that she didn't see that much could have come of his action.

Anyways, ... highly recommended.

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