Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Bullies Don't Like it When People Fight Back

There are martial people who respect opponents who can give them a good fight. And then there are bullies. Insecure people who see every challenge as a threat to their very lives or at least everything they are. No matter how small the challenge, it could lead to more challenges and more threats to the bullies' fragile worlds.

Thus, Hamas and Hezbollah are presented as mortal threats to Israel's existence.

Canada's First Nations send right-wing racists and the Canadian state into paroxysms of fear.

Black US-Americans threaten to expose the whole racist structure of  the white, male Christian power structure.


greg said...

Read a piece you wrote: "Islamicism" in 2011. You could have written that ten minutes ago and it would still be fresh. Does Harper have a hair piece? Am I the last to know?

thwap said...

google seems to like that piece from me.

I always thought that was harper's own hair. Today, either Heather Mallick or Montreal Simon are saying otherwise.