Tuesday, October 7, 2014


Yesterday's post was just a cathartic exercise for me. I was just flabbergasted to hear that Nestle was still pushing its infant formula on women with no access to clean water for at least 15 years after they'd signed an international code of conduct saying they'd stop doing so.

Now, I just want to say again, that the left mystifies and bewilders me. Why do we no longer want to gain power? What's the point of all of our activity if we really don't want to achieve anything by it?

If our lack of resources (including access to the media) is preventing us from getting our message across, ... why do we not then think seriously about how to go about GETTING some resources?

Do we imagine that we are the angel sitting on society's shoulder, talking into one ear as the voice of conscience, while a red devil stands on the other shoulder appealing to society's basest instincts?

Because the hour is late and our voice hasn't been having much effect.

If we're waiting for a cataclysmic revolution to sweep away all the rot and leave humanity purified and ready to face the 21st Century, ... what are we doing to bring this about?

From where I''m sitting, it looks a lot like nothing.


greg said...

The meek or is is meak shall inherit the earth. So I guess we wait cause eventually this will all pass.

Anyway, according to the religious channel I watch cause it has Columbo on it, we're just supposed to deal with our own sins and let that other stuff take care of itself.

Gotta get some coffee.

Here's another thing. I think Jesus said we weren't supposed to worship money.(Probably another misquote) There must he hundreds of philosophers in their graves saying "I never said that!"

The road to hell has Taco stands.

greg said...

Gotta make my comments a little more cohesive.