Thursday, October 9, 2014

So Much For THAT Idea!

We never even pretended to start to try!


greg said...

I remember journalists jumping on her for that. It's amazing the number of people who say "there's a time a place for that"

thwap said...

Everyone who criticized her just showed that they neither understand, nor respect Canadian parliamentary democracy.

I just wish there had been some sort of movement, somewhere in this fucking country, to put her sentiments into action.

Scotian said...

Some of us tried to the best of our abilities, some of us tried. The only consolation I've had during this horror show we call the Harper government is that my hands are clean in his rise to power. I did everything within my power to show him for exactly what he was, what kind of corruption he would bring, and how alien his political beliefs were, not just for traditional Canadian conservative principles, but in any Canadian sense, that his was the same radical right wing insanity Dick Cheney was a leading representative of, the Straussians.

I was saying I would much prefer a government that steals money to one that steals rights and power from the citizens. I took a LOT of flak for that, from all sides, I wonder how many of these same voices a decade later would be so quick to condemn me on this point. I thought that young lady was very brave for doing what she did, yes it was inappropriate by the codes of conduct for the position she held, but that does not take away from her courage in doing so, indeed if anything it only underscores it.

My hands are clean in the rise of Harper, unlike far too many others, especially in the "progressive" side but far from limited to that corner. Harper was always upfront about what he wanted from the late 80s through to 2004 when he suddenly decided to pretend to be something he wasn't to gain the PMO with the noble lie Straussians so love. So much of my anger for those that enabled this transformation was because what Harper was had been so open and upfront for so long, there is no way anyone who paid any amount of serious attention to politics did not know EXACTLY what he was and that he would represent a threat beyond anything we have ever seen in this nation, and not just to progressive principles but centrist ones as well, indeed to basic Canadian values in general. Which is why that young Lady with her Stop Harper sign in Parliament deserves so much respect, she was technically in the wrong for doing so, but she was clearly in the right for the nation, its honour, and integrity. Good for her, not so much for those that did not place stopping Harper at all costs at the forefront from the moment he assassinated the PCPC to create the birthed in corruption and treachery, the CPC.

Imagine how different our world would have been if Scott Brison had won that PCPC leadership instead of traitor MacKay.

greg said...

I'm trying to remember some of the articles. But I think that it was you who said that journalists criticized her. I may have been quoting you.

I wonder what she's doing now. I mean, it might be good to interview her.
I wonder if she planned that before she got the job, or what. Or did she realize part way in. Speculation is stupid I guess.

All this talk about ISIS coming here to do .... I mean, aren't they pretty busy over there. Do they really have the time to be planning overseas attacks. I guess all they have to do is post something on their website saying they are planning an attack when they probably have nothing planned.... I mean, you get a lot of mileage out of something like that.

It's cool and dark.

thwap said...


She did all right. She got a job with a union somewhere. She wrote a couple of pieces after that.

thwap said...


As I understand it, you've got heart or other health problems. Such that you had to take a break from blogging even. I wouldn't expect you to lead a rebellion.

But I find it horrifying that NOBODY of any position in the labour or political left really did anything to actually STOP harper. Only the CoC's legal challenges have given him any real trouble.

And I thought that nobody could criticize DePape's actions if they were willing to tolerate harper's total contempt for Parliament.

greg said...

Edgar Schmidt and his case against Justice. I wondering if we can get behind his efforts a bit. I haven't read anything for a while now.

thwap said...

For my own information.

Scotian said...


You understand correctly, I have serious health issues, including a blood disorder with fatal potentials (essentially I have no life expectancy, I could live to 80 or be felled by it today without warning, we can treat the symptoms, which are the killers, but the underlying source of it is genetic, so until there is a genetic therapy for it well it is there forever, the heart stuff was more recent, electrical problems thankfully, not physical ones so shock paddles can reset me, which beats some of the alternatives), but I still participate in the political process to the best of my abilities. I was raised with the belief that one's awareness and involvement in politics was only slightly less important than one's breathing, because everything ripples down to the citizen in the end, and it is the citizen that defines the quality of government by their involvement. It is why I have zero patience for those that don't vote, especially those that get all holier than thou saying they won't support the lesser evil because evil is wrong, thereby usually enabling the greater/greatest evil to win in the end. But that is a whole other rant.

I did my best thwap, and I tried to make arguments to show the self interest for progressives/Dippers in particular because why should I expect them to act in any other way but in their own self interests? Unfortunately, too many had allowed either their hatred for the Libs or their salivation at the thought of supplanting them in the post ADscam era to blind them to what the real threat to us all was with the Harper CPC. Too often I heard Dippers say if anything it would be goof to let Harper form government, it will make selling the progressive alternative so much easier after his horror show. That made my blood run both hot and cold at the same time. I kept trying to get them to understand that Harper was not the usual conservative, not even the usual right winger in Canadian terms, but something far worse and alien to our system, a Straussian. I even explained in great detail what that was, to no avail.

That is a large part of why I have such rage and bitterness towards the Dippers these days (and why my wife went from hard core Dipper to Trudeau Liberal in her own right), I trusted them to stop something like this if it ever appeared. I grew up with Dippers I trusted to practice what they preached, who placed their loyalty to their values and principles before all else, sure it prevented them from forming government, but the influence they had on the political dialogue and environment was profound, and while they bitched about Libs stealing their ideas/policies, they did get a lot of them implemented in some form because of that theft, so they had real influence. Yet when they were most needed to stop the true destroyer of Canadian values, they sided with him instead of stopping him, and that is something that really burns for me, since I tried my best to the point I seriously risked my health/life in the process, which was why after the 2011 election win I had to step away for a couple of years, it had been that damaging for me.

Sorry, hadn't meant to do my usual rant against Dippers at you, but it is because I did try from when it would have made a difference, that I risked my fragile health and paid a price doing so (that cardiac issue was related) that I have such strong feelings about it all, it is not a matter of my side not winning, or treating it like a sports event as far too many do. It is because I truly care about these things, really believe in them, and put my heart and soul into them, and to see it so trashed by Harper the Destroyer and Salter of the Scorched Earth, well...*sigh*

You may be able to forgive me for not leading the rebellion against him, I have a harder time doing so since I did so clearly see the threat and the costs of his rise to power.

thwap said...

What's shocking is that after we have the proof of harper's dangerously anti-democratic, brazenly corrupt behaviour, he's still tolerable to his hack followers, his hack media enablers, and, when all is said and done, us so-called "proressives."

Because, ... well I've said it all before.

Scotian said...

Yes, you have. You and I come from fairly different places on our political spectrum to end up in the same place it seems, yet another legacy of the Harper years.