Monday, July 13, 2015

The Sickness of harpercon Support for Austerity in Greece

You know, it's not surprising that right-wingers would support destroying the lives of millions of Greeks in order to force them to pay back the IMF (who paid back the banksters who loaned money to their corrupt elites).

The right-wing is always on the side of the powerful against the weak. They tend to support trigger-happy racist cops over their innocent, unarmed, non-white victims. They tend to support capitalists against unions. Patriarchs against feminists. They're bullies and cowards.

But just think about it: Jason - "fuckwad" - Kenney supports austerity for Greece. Jason - "fuckwad" - Kenney, who is a member of a government that lied to Parliament, repeatedly, about the cost of the F-35 fighter-jets, and tried to cover-up TENS OF BILLIONS in excess costs; which presents forged documents to Parliament, which steals elections, which puts up budget-busting multi-billion dollar tax-cuts to the rich, ... in short, a government with no mandate wasting billions without oversight; ... believes that the people of Greece should be made to suffer for the depredations of their corrupt elites and their bankster overlords.

The harpercons would saddle us with billions in debt and then expect us to walk over hot coals to pay for it. It was the Wall Street criminals who created the last economic crisis that has required over $100 billion in stimulus spending to counteract it. But it is WE who they expect should have to pay.

And all their mouth-breathing, Toronto Sun reading, political base of racists, war mongers and closet-cases and religious freaks will expect to drag us down with them as complete chumps. They'll blame immigrants for it all. Thus we'd see a Canadians version of the fascist Greek "Golden Dawn" party.

Cowards. Incapable, or unwilling to do the real work of exposing and confronting the real enemy.

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