Friday, July 3, 2015

Tom Mulcair Tells Me There Will Be Investigations

My big C-51 project is on indefinite hold because it has developed that I'm a single parent with a part-time job. From roughly 7 am to 9 pm I am responsible for entertaining an 8-year old, walking a dog, and doing my part-time job. (And this week I'm travelling across town to check in on my friend's cat.) So I really just have time to compose nothing posts of personal opinion until September, when things change again.

So I went to the Canada Day bbq hosted by Davenport NDP MP Andrew Cash. (A friend asked me to go.) I went to give a cash donation to the party, and to try to convey to Tom Mulcair (who was going to be there) how important it was for me that should the harpercons lose power, that the NDP lead inquiries into the serial criminality of that pack of rogues.

So, Mulcair was doing this bit where he walked down a line of people and shook hands and exchanged a few words, so I got in it. We shook hands, and knowing all the cameras and microphones around, I didn't say "if" but "when" he won, that he make sure that while they were "looking forward," implementing progressivie policies, that they also "look backwards" at what the Conservatives did. "I want to see investigations into these guys."

Mulcair's eyebrows arched, and he got this look of determination, and he said that he guaranteed that would be a priority for him.

I've been around successful politicians before. Decades ago, a local MP was walking by himself through Hamilton's downtown library, looking completely unremarkable, but when a constituent hailed him, he instantly transformed, he was "on" and he greeted the person with a booming voice and his eyes registered as if that person was someone he'd wanted to see for quite a while. So, maybe Mulcair was acting. Giving this potential supporter what he wanted to see and hear. But maybe not. Maybe there will be investigations (and consequences) for the harpercons.


The Mound of Sound said...

C'mon, Thwap. Politicians know what goes around comes around. They know if they start this sort of thing they might regret it when their turn to exit the stage comes as it surely will. Politics of any persuasion is a magnet for rogues and the NDP is no exception. We've had our experience of more than a few of them out here in B.C.

Mulcair's an operator. Operators don't do these things. Tommy was simply doing what any veteran pol does, looking you right in the eye and saying exactly what you've just told him you want to hear.

You're a pretty savvy guy, Thwap. Why would you fall for that one?

thwap said...


Well, I specifically acknowledged that possibility, in great detail in the original post.

There's also the possibility that despite the fact that Mulcair is NDP, and he has a beard, he's sincere. FWIW.