Saturday, August 6, 2016

Liberal Hillary-Bots

No. It's not "progressive" to support Hillary Clinton. She's a corrupt, mass-murdering, neo-liberal, imperialist scum-bag.

Reading and watching all these US and Canadian liberals twist their minds up into pretzels about how awesome she is and how evil, selfish and deluded her critics are is really just depressing.

I get that there's fear of the ignorant boor Donald Trump's racism and his stirring-up of racist sentiment. But there wouldn't be much fear were it not for the fact of the bipartisan shredding of constitutional rights by both parties and with Obama doing most of the shredding. It's not as if this racism isn't already pretty obvious. Ask a racialized minority person in the US if they're surprised by what the Trump candicacy has exposed. (Please don't think I believe that Canada is a multi-racial paradise. I don't.)

Hillary wouldn't release the transcripts of her speech to the Wall Street criminals. Because she'd be embarrassed by them.

Hillary used to support the massive corporate rights/screwing workers TPP. She claims to oppose it now but her henchpersons refused to put that into the party's platform. And her hand-picked VP candidate is an avid supporter of it.

Hillary will link the USA even tighter into the embrace of the murderous, racist, Netanyahu (and subsequent Israeli racist governments) than Obama did.

Hillary is much more likely to start a war with Russia (which is INSANE) than is Trump.

If I were still me, but a US-American citizen, I just wouldn't be able to bring myself to vote for such a piece-of-shit.

Faced with such a choice, the sane person says "Neither."

I'd recommend "struggle" but leftists don't know how to struggle anymore. So I'd probably vote Green and then sink into despondent apathy.


Tal Hartsfeld said...

Freedom-of-choice only comes with a TRUE variety of things (or persons) to choose from with each choice a completely different faction-in-their-own-right altogether.

Everything as it stands is only monopoly/binopoly (is "binopoly" a word?) at best.

thwap said...

Thanks Tal,

Yes, and choosing the "lesser-evil" makes neo-liberalism persist and makes things worse for everybody, producing more right-wing victim-cultists who go fascist.

It needs to be rejected.