Friday, August 12, 2016

More About Hilary-Bots n' Stuff

Infuriatingly, some USA-liberal, Hillary-bot blog tried to guilt "purists" who stupidly won't vote for Hillary Clinton due to "argle-blargle" that it would be their fault about all the people who would be hurt by a Trump victory.

So, to begin, ... un-fuck you you miserable piece of shit. Number one: Bernie Sanders consistently polled as being far better at defeating Trump. But your heroine rigged the game against him and now it's closer than need be.

Secondly; I hate to break it to you US-American liberal, but "All Lives Matter." Unlike Obama, or Bill Clinton, or Carter, this Democratic candidate has a record; which is to say ... blood on her hands. Libyan blood. Iraqi blood. Palestinian blood. Syrian blood. Honduran blood. Not to mention the massive upswing in poverty in the USA as a result of social policies that she supported which came from Obama and her husband.

So, again; fuck you for trying to peddle that moral superiority.

Yes. Trump is a very bad, nasty man. But he's also less likely to start a goddamned nuclear war with Russia!!! Dip-Shit!!

Stuff: Some people say that elections don't matter. Bernie Sanders was nothing. Jeremy Corbyn is nothing. Often-times, more "radical" leftists like Noam Chomsky or the dudes at CommonDreams.Org or CounterPunch.Org. They say we should be "in the streets."

Oh for fuxxsake! "In the streets" doing what exactly??? Getting kettled, tear-gassed and snatched?

What is this "extra-parliamentary" activism you speak of? Perhaps the online bitching and small and large scale demonstrations held by the peace movement that have utterly failed to affect anything?

The law-making process is where power is. That's where things happen. The choice of the radical left to disavow this forum leaves it to our enemies. Their refusal to push for their views in debates with their fellow citizens leads to our isolation and irrelevance.


lagatta à montréal said...

I disagree that extraparliamentary action doesn't change anything, probably because here in Québec we did have the positive examples of the HUGE mobilisation against the Iraq war, even in tiny villages, and the massive Québec Spring mobilisation which started as a protest against a major hike in tuition fees, but became a much broader and deeper movement.

That said, I do believe in parliamentary action too, and am a supporter of Québec solidaire. I also vote NDP and Projet Montréal despite some differences with the NDP's outlook (FAR too moderate under Mulcair; fortunately my MP Alexandre Boulerice is much further left and also a longstanding supporter of Palestinian rights, though Mulcair kept the entire caucus on a very short leash - let's hope that there will be more of a move to speak out.

It is more Counterpunch than Common Dreams that has gone completely off the rails. Common Dreams has featured reports that were very favourable to Sanders and Corbyn.

thwap said...


Wasn't it the case that Quebec Solidaire helped elect a PQ government that ended up hiking tuition rates anyway? (Before said government got tossed from power by the corrupt Liberals?)

(I don't know if this is more an indictment of extra-parliamentary action or of parliamentary action. Maybe it's all hopeless.)

Yes, CounterPunch is infuriatingly "radical" (as in doing no more than sneering that everything not as left-wing as they are is worthless). CommonDreams however still publishes crap about how the poor Democrats are trying to do good but are hampered by the evil Repugnicans.