Monday, October 3, 2016

Positive Proposals

Just saying that since I've stopped blogging on a regular basis, and have relegated myself to merely reading and observing, I've not noticed much in the way of positive, world-changing proposals coming out of the Left-wing. Instead I'm seeing lots and lots of descriptions:

  • Donald Trump is a monster and we have to vote for Hillary Clinton
  • Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are both monsters and we shouldn't vote for either of them
  • The war in Syria is a catastrophe
  • The USA has fucked-up the Middle East
  • We've passed the point of no return for global warming
  • Black Lives Matter vs the police and revolting media shills like Sean Hannity
  • Anti-fracking protesters under corporate and government assault
  • New trade deals are horrible corporation-empowering travesties
  • Israel is acting abominably (as usual)
  • Justin Trudeau's Liberals slobbering over war criminal Henry Kissinger
  • stephen harper got a new job as Assistant-Shit-Licker-In-Chief at some corporate law firm

And etc., etc., There are some hints of positive thinking and acting among the Left: There was the Bernie Sanders insurgency (which more and more I'm thinking was a Pied Piper scam from the start) and stated aims to vote Green Party USA and thereby reject the corporate duopoly.  This is also seen in the support for Jeremy Corbyn and the left-wing resurgence in the British Labour Party, mirrored in a small way by the "Momentum" grouplet in Canada which (together with other undercurrents) has produced such charming moments as when Tom Mulcair confidently claimed the title of "socialist" for the NDP only a few short years after he strove mightily to fulfil Jack Layton's desire to have that "divisive" word removed from the party's constitution.

"Black Lives Matter" and "Idle No More" are pushing for positive things too. Besides demanding the end of their systemic abuse, they're demanding policies that will make their lives better. Just HOW they'll achieve their aims is a complete mystery. Blacks in the USA and First Nations here in Canada are political minorities; electorally insignificant in the case of the First Nations and, for the USA, those places where Blacks are not insignificant, the Repugnicans have implemented voting laws and other policies to steal their votes from them. Their demands are generally ignored by the mainstream media. And they are physically abused (even murdered) with near-impunity by the forces of the state.

Let's say that Jeremy Corbyn wins power as the head of a majority Labour government. What then? He's already under constant assault from Blair-ites in his own party. He'll have the right-wing fascist tabloids whipping up their moronic readerships into frenzies over refugees, taxation, single-mothers and terrorism. The whole slurry of incoherent hateful delusions will be constantly referred to. The capitalists will work mightily to sabotage him and blame their own deliberate economic damage to his 1960's social-democratic platform.

By which I mean that the same forces that destroyed the great postwar compromise of 1945-1970 will destroy any attempt to return to that compromise in 2016. The power imbalances that existed then are even more lop-sidedly in favour of the forces of destruction now.

Nobody is articulating any serious means by which to attack this power imbalance. Nobody is articulating any coherent revolutionary plan. (You know; like "Workers As Citizens.") Instead we're all content to run on that hamster wheel talking about Israel and police brutality and neo-liberal corruption to ours, and our specie's, dying days.


The Mound of Sound said...

My take, thwap, is that no one knows how to get off this hamster wheel. Thomas Homer-Dixon says we can't, not until it breaks down. Then, and only then, he contends will we have to choose between collapse and a form of measured decline that will allow the introduction of new modes of organization - social, political, economic, industrial and geopolitical. I've yet to see a better evaluation of the mess we're in for his alone seems to offer some prospect of a better day ahead.

thwap said...

My worry is that if we wait for this to collapse on its own, we won't have the analysis to lead the post-apocalypse, mad-max society that we inherit to the promised land.

If we push for a viable, realizable reality NOW, we might have implanted some ideas of it in others by the time the wheel jumps off its moorings. (or whatever the wheel is fastened to.)