Sunday, October 30, 2016

The Best Comment

I have something I want to say about the US-American atrocity that some call the 2016 presidential election, but today I just want to post what I think is the best comment on Montreal Simon's over-the-top condemnation of the protesters at the CLC Youth Conference:
"As a working class progressive I'd love it if any of the parties actually represented me. Instead the "best" I can apparently hope for is another out of touch rich boy who markets himself well enough to get otherwise thoughtful people to shill for him whenever anyone else dares point out what an empty suit he is, especially if they do a crappy job of it.

All JT is going to do is turn the more ignorant segments of the population against any sort of progressive or left leaning sentiment as he wraps himself up in it like a security blanket while screwing everybody with the same neoliberal crap that led us here. It'd be nice if the NDP would do their job and be a viable alternative but I guess that's too much to hope for these days.

And yet you fools are here QQing about some people being "rude" to this guy. After Bill Morneau's comments I think you clowns are going to get a real education in what being "rude" looks like in the years to come as people's situations worsen and become more desperate. Voting is of questionable value since we know someone(s) have attempted to interfere with an election at least once, peaceful protests en mass are often met with violent repression by the state while the news media does it's best to look the other way, what exactly are you expecting to happen? You think everyone is going to link arms and sing sunshine and lolipops?

You'll probably still be here, concern trolling people who dare complain about the boot stomping on their faces forever and ever."
Indeed. First Nations' leaders have given Trudeau a failing grade. Perhaps they're just stooges for the party of stephen harper? The Liberals have adopted harper's targets for carbon reduction and are continuing to push bitumen pipelines (whether the FN want them going through their lands or not) and oil tankers to China on the West Coast. The Liberals have decided to continue to give weapons to the monstrous dictatorship of Saudi Arabia, arguing that if we don't, others will. IOW: The same logic that people who sell crack cocaine to teenagers use. His silver-spoon finance minister (who joined his daddy's firm and "rose through the ranks"!) tells young people to acquiesce to the "reality" of precarious employment:
As for Morneau's "job churn," MacEwen notes that the average length of time young Canadians spend working at the same job has remained "remarkably stable since 1976":
If people are jumping from short-term contract to short-term contract with the same employer, that might suggest "the new reality" isn't quite as inevitable as Trudeau and Morneau would have us believe.
His international trade minister plans on ramming a harper regime-negotiated corporate rights bill down our throats, which gives corporations the right to sue for lost revenues should, say, something like laws restricting carbon emissions impact their profits. 
And the Liberals have shamefully betrayed 3 Canadian citizens, tortured by Syria and Egypt on our behalf.
But criticizing any of this is "thuggish."

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