Monday, July 24, 2017

Liberal & Loving Its Last Comment

I had three comments to process. Two from Opit. One from LALI. I clicked the box above all the comments to publish them all simultaneously last night. Went to reply this morning. Only Opit's comments were there.

LALI wrote something about the Alma (?) drawings and NDP policy towards Israel-Palestine.

I don't know what the Alma drawings are.

If Niki Ashton wins the leadership, NDP policy will change for the better. If Charlie Angus wins, it'll be the same mewling, stupid, pro-Zionist Imperialism "peace-process" bullshit that it is today.


Anonymous said...

I saw The Alma Drawings documentary on Vision network.
They're very intricate.

Also- fair trade? (We've pretty well f*cked things up so bad, that I doubt there's time to turn it around, yet it still matters to me where people stand and if they stand by their words. Thanks for naming a post after me. I think. I may need to come up with a new moniker, thwap.)

thwap said...

I'd never heard of Alma Rumball before. Her work is very good and she's very lucky to have been so inspired and to have the time and resources to act on her inspiration.

International trade is hopeless. Canada seems determined to let itself be exploited by corporate interests to an extraordinary degree. It seems to want to serve as a perverse example to others on how to get fleeced and impoverished and how to lose all sovereignty.

Anonymous said...

Glad you liked her art.