Monday, July 10, 2017

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thwap said...


Anonymous said...

Hey, thwap, have you seen the Alma Drawings?

Can you please tell me, what are the NDP's policies on fair trade, and on Palestine/Israel?


Anonymous said...

Do you remember The Squidbillies, thwap?

Remember Kevin (Brokenhead)?

thwap said...

Not only do I not remember them. I'd never heard of them.

Anonymous said...

Really. That surprises me, thwap. Late-night Teletoon, around 06-07? There was another one about Tom, the Mayor. So, Kevin's dad called him 'Brokenhead'. Totally dysfunctional Canadian family. Very stereotypical humour. 'Squidbillies' was the funniest and most creative. Whose imagination thought to mash-up squids with hillbillies? Hilarious.

I think Gonzo is more important now, than ever. So many words have lost their punch. Like- racism. I'm going with Aryan Brotherhood Supremacy. And KKK. I cannot use the 'Nazi' term for them, anymore.

Saw lots of great documentaries this weekend- two on forests and plants, Coast- Cape Wrath was excellent, and the James Bird Jr. story- before, during, and after the trial.

It's up to the "scurrilous and disreputable bloggers"* to try and keep things real, for the record.

* driftglass, on the Wapo.

thwap said...

There's the thing: I haven't had a television hook-up for 3/4's of my adult life. I watch things second-hand via YouTube n' shit.

Anonymous said...

I use TV for learning, mostly. I'm just finding my way around YouTube.

I think bloggers like Disaffected Lib and Nor-Re, cover a lot of ground, and do it well. Accidental Deliberations, has the best links. Gonzo has its place.