Wednesday, May 16, 2018

stephen harper Slithers Back

The Glib n' Stale endorsed enemy of Canadian democracy is back, making farting and gurgling noises about how maybe he'd like to lead Canada again. Yes, it appears that stephen harper has had enough time crying and shivering, getting  drunk and pissing himself whilst raging against his imaginary god almighty, begging for wingnut welfare and masturbating to internet porn in various offices where his paymasters have put him up, .... and he's apparently forgotten how traumatizing it was for him to be hated and criticized and defeated by the vast majority of Canadians, that he wants to be PM again.

No doubt his bullshit jobs that he's been doing since getting his fat ass kicked haven't had the prestige and the perks of the office of prime minister. Those were the days when he'd travel the world as a recognized statesman. (In his imagination anyway. He was usually the object of contempt as his petulant behaviour offended his various hosts and he usually traveled overseas in cowardly attempts to avoid scrutiny into his many scandals and brazen, stupid lies.)

Recently, from his perch at the head of some right-wing foreign affairs institute (funded by Zionist casino owners, pharmaceutical company mass-murderers, and other assorted scum) harper expressed his support for Hungarian fascism as well as Donald Trump's shit-headed exit from the Iran Treaty. And then, ... nobody condemned him! That was easy!

Of course, hardly anybody cared. He's a has-been after all. No reporters rushed up to him in a scrum. No opposition politicians interrogated him in the House of Commons, because he's not in the HoC anymore. But harper remembered that he liked pontificating about weighty topics and in the blissful quiet after his two recent brain-farts, he probably thought he'd like to be important again. Certainly Andrew Scheer hasn't been burning up the charts lately.

But Scheer is failing because "conservatism" is failing. It's a dying movement of racists and ignorant fuckwads, hypocrites, closet-cases and corporate scum-bags. harper would have been out on his ass if he hadn't stolen that majority in 2011. And by the time he finally collapsed in utter defeat in 2015 he was a drugged-up, sniveling, debased shell of a man.

No stephen. You won't be prime minister again. You're a cheat and a fraud and a failure. Don't forget that time you spent peeing your pants in a darkened broom closet. Think about that moment of disgrace and do yourself and everyone else a failure and return to the obscurity that is too good for you.

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