Friday, May 25, 2018

Why the ONDP Should Win

Kathleen Wynne isn't that bad a person I don't think. But the Ontario Liberals are corrupt. The gas plant scandal/pay for access/public-private-partnerships ... etc., etc., .  This is a party that's been in power too long. As premier, Wynne did put through some decent policies. Just like McGuinty the robot created the Green Belt. But the problem with the Ontario Liberals is the problem with liberals (often called "centrists" today) everywhere. The billionaires come first. Then the millionaires. Then it's how can they help ameliorate the worst effects of the rigged "free market" on the shmucks in such a way that it doesn't antagonize the millionaires and billionaires. Usually this involves deficit spending. And deficit spending usually means selling interest paying government bonds to rich people looking for a safe investment. "Win-win" (for them).

Ordinary people are wising up to this scam. Hence the increasing polarization of the electorate towards the left (for decent and/or intelligent people) and the right (for lazy and/or stupid and/or deplorable people).

(Part of the right-wing backlash against Wynne is no doubt motivated by sexism and homophobia. [No doubt there's some of that on the left but if it is it tends not to be stated explicitly.] Just as Hillary Clinton was rightly pilloried for being a mass-murdering war criminal and a corrupt tool of the oligarchy and unjustifiably abused for being "shrill" and a "bitch" and all sorts of other misogynist slurs.)

Here in Ontario, it first looked as if Doug Ford's surprise victory in the quickie leadership race was going to quickly propel him to majority government status. Unfortunately for Doug, he's such a loud-mouth; such a crude ignoramus; such a bully; who surrounds himself with the worst sorts of grifters and Christo-fascist closet-cases (correct me if I'm wrong, but the OPC are prepared to embrace pretty much any religion so long as it's homophobic); ... that his momentum appears to have evaporated in a fog of scandals.

But, obviously, it's not just Doug Ford. "Conservatism" embraces the stupidest 30% of any given population. How can a government of con-men and religious freaks and "free-market" fanatics be expected to provide good government? The last time these stupid clods had power under Mike Harris they displayed lethal amounts of incompetence, bigotry and corruption. It was a nightmare that those of us who lived through it will take to our graves.

I've said it before that the ONDP should win by default given how gawdawful the other two parties are. But this time it looks like disgust with the status-quo under the Ontario Liberals and the past and present extreme toxicity of the Ontario PC's, that the ONDP might win power, even majority government. Hopefully if that happens, Andrea Horwath won't pull a Bob Rae and succumb to the charms of the Glib n' Stale editorial committee. The odds are that she would though.


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