Monday, April 22, 2019

A Hillary-Bot Being Wrong on the Internet

So, I'm going to talk about a discussion I had in another guise somewhere else on the internet. And, yes, it's true that arguing with people on the internet is often a total waste of time. Two anonymous nobodies having a disagreement. But it's also true that actual political movements in meat-space are comprised of large numbers of nobodies. For example, getting a white supremacist to let it all hang out on the internet can give you an insight into the mind of one of those Canadian "Yellow-Vest" shitheads who deny climate change, hate Muslims and want to help take away everyone's access to public health care.

So it is in that spirit that I summarize what I heard from a loathsome Hillary-bot. A "Hillary-bot" is an individual who cannot process the fact that Hillary Rodham Clinton is an awful person who was an awful candidate because she was an awful Secretary of State, an awful Senator and an awful First Lady. She was, and remains, a selfish, self-centered, entitled psychopath who descended into mind-boggling cynicism and corruption. She was an imperialist war-monger. A craven tool of Wall Street and other capitalist criminals. But, as I said, a Hillary-bot cannot process this. To them, Hillary was "the best candidate EVAH!" simply by dint of repetition. She was the "most qualified." Why? It's never said. I once asked one specimen to explain to me why she was the most qualified and he told me to do my own research. Hillary Clinton is a historically significant figure and part of the reason for that is that she was such a shitty candidate that she depressed the Democratic vote and made it possible for an utter buffoon, a racist, misogynist con-man imbecile, like Donald J. Trump to eke out an Electoral College victory. Therefore, all the anonymous minions who helped produce that debacle and who refuse to accept responsibility for it and who continue to push for the unpopular political goals of the Democratic Party establishment that might just give Trump a re-election, are likewise historically significant. It's important to see how they think.

Anyway, in a comments section on a video about Bernie Sanders, one participant said (essentially) "Fuck Bernie Sanders. He's a purity pony who wouldn't cooperate. He was a useless divider of progressives who brought us Trump."

Now, this is exactly backwards. Despite having been cheated by Clinton and the Democratic National Committee, Sanders campaigned hard for Hillary Clinton. Some people say he was more gracious in defeat to Clinton in 2016 than she was when she lost to Obama in 2004. It also seems that from some polling data, a larger percentage of "Bernie-bros" (of either gender) voted for Hillary than "Hillary-sistahs" voted for Obama.

Evidently this information was either unknown to the Hillary-bot or it was irrelevant. But expressing this sense of victimization, this indignation of having been challenged (even mildly) is so typical of Liberal centrists. In Canada, any criticism of the Liberal Party is blasphemy. Any vote for a party other than the Liberal Party is a betrayal of all that is right and true. In the UK, Blairite scum in the Labour Party do everything they can to sabotage Jeremy Corbyn, despite the fact that he was a loyal soldier to the party through all the years of their misrule. Despite the fact that he has brought more members into the party in decades and, in the face of their out-in-the-open betrayal, produced one of Labour's best election results since 1945.

These psychopaths are great at calling for team loyalty except when they're not in command. So I felt compelled to point out to the Hillary-bot that Team Hillary can't really complain about people refusing to play nice when she cheated to win.

I downloaded one too may images of robots so I've decided to insert the remaining image here.

To which the Hillary-bot sputtered that Bernie, not being a Democrat, had no right to run as the Democratic Party candidate. Therefore the DNC did its job by rigging the primary against him.


Surprised by this insane outburst, I said that if he wasn't allowed to be the Democratic Party's presidential candidate, then why was he allowed to run in the first place. Of course he was allowed to run for the nomination.

The Hillary-bot replied that the party is under no obligation to let the membership decide who the nominee is. The party leaders can chose all on their own who the candidate will be. They just grant the ordinary party members the privilege of choosing from among various challengers. But if they're foolish enough to pick someone who does not have the confidence of the leadership then that choice will be disregarded and the leadership will elevate whoever they want to be their presidential candidate. The whole primary process is basically an elaborate charade of party democracy. Bernie Sanders was NEVER going to be allowed to win. From the start. All of the people he inspired; All of the hopes that he raised for a saner political-economy in the United States; all of that was a sham. It was allowed to give a glimmer of, of, I don't know, why don't we call it "democratic legitimacy" to Hillary's coronation. It was to make it look interesting and maybe get genuinely progressive US-American citizens to become invested in the sham process of US-American elections enough that they'd vote for Queen Hillary whereas if Sanders hadn't mobilized them, they might have stayed home.

Now, to me, this is self-evidently garbage thinking. This is the sort of arrogant, entitled bullshit that permeated the Clinton campaign and the insanity we've witnessed in the aftermath of her defeat. Her petty, vindictive accounting of "What Happened" and the dangerous nonsense that the ONLY reason she lost was because of nefarious Russian meddling. This self-pitying, self-righteous, whining drivel has, to this day, substituted itself for a genuine reflection on the reasons why Hillary Clinton and neo-liberalism, oligarchy and militarism are so unpopular. But of course, neo-liberalism, oligarchy and militarism are pillars of the USA's political-economic ruling classes. To allow them to be questioned might bring the whole edifice down. Best to continue to let chumps like these Hillary-bots bitch and whine on the internet and elsewhere about how their delusions are the only permissible form of political thought for "progressives." Continue to spin conspiracy theories about Russians. Continue to lie, deflect, distort.

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