Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Renewed Call For a Green-NDP Electoral Alliance

There ARE differences between the Greens and the NDP. That's obvious. But as human beings and their capitalism are killing the planet, more and more members of humanity are starting to think that maybe it's important that we not kill the one planet we have to live on. The Green Party's star is in the ascendant. But it's not going to be enough. The NDP, after decades of mismanagement by its "Third Way" shithead brain-trust is declining. But it still has its strongholds and its name recognition. And the attention to issues of class that too many Greens disregard.

A formal electoral alliance; with the parties agreeing to give the other support and no opposition in those ridings where either of them is the most viable is necessary. They should campaign on legislating electoral reform and a Green New Deal.

We're going to need something on the level of a war-time mobilization of resources to avoid catastrophe, if not actual extinction.

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