Monday, August 5, 2019

Vote For Whatever Party You Like

I mean, first of all, it's not going to matter anyway. Big Oil owns the Liberals and the Conservatives. And, I found out the other day, that one of the NDP's genius managers (the unelected "professionals" who have produced failure after failure) makes some extra cash on the side as a lobbyist for Big Oil as well. Who knows what corporate scum from Big Oil has been talking to the Green Party about whatever?

The main contest (as always) will be between the lying pretty-boy Justin Trudeau, and the creepy Christo-fascist Andrew Scheer. What a dismal state of affairs! Neither side will do anything about the crisis of global warming. We're a few years away from Armageddon and we expect to lower our carbon output by sometime around the year 2555. But, as I said, none of the other parties can be expected to do much different.

But, for gawd's sake; Don't listen to the hypocritical screechings of Trudeau-groupies about the dangers of vote-splitting and how that might give the Conservatives a majority. I say again, I will always say, that if a Conservative majority is such a horrible thought, then abolishing our First-Past-The-Post electoral system should have been job one. But this fear-mongering and voter-shaming that the Libs practice is part of their DNA.  They simply can't help themselves. But I'll never vote Liberal again. I might never vote again.

The methane farts that will erupt as the permafrost CONTINUES to melt will doom us all regardless of what party you hold your nose to vote for.

Artist's depiction of the surface of the planet Venus. I wonder if life first formed on Venus and developed into a technological civilization that started the feedback loops that produced the nightmare world that exists today.


John B. said...

I made that decision in 1965. Every time they pull that string I think of the giant red campaign button that said, "I'm for a Liberal Majority."

thwap said...

Back in 1965 I could see some justification for voting Liberal. The NDP were called "Liberals in a hurry." Now the Conservative Party are "Liberals in a hurry."

And we got a lot of our social programs from Liberal minorities relying on NDP support.

John B. said...

That's right. They were minorities.