Tuesday, July 30, 2019

No Referendum on Electoral Reform!

Our first-past-the-post electoral system sucks. It only works properly with a two-party system. It routinely gives massive power to the most dangerously deluded, repulsive party of shit-heads and greed-monsters. It nullifies the votes of at least a quarter of the electorate. It has to go.

But people keep talking about putting the question to the people. But around about 40% of the population will oppose change because they're either die-hard Liberals or die-hard Conservatives who like things the way they are. They are not thinking of the national good but of their own partisan interest.

Another ten to twenty percent won't understand the question. These are the people who, if you stopped them on the street, wouldn't be able to name the prime minister or find Canada on a map.

The fact of the matter is that proportional representation will more effectively reflect the mood of the country, which is what Parliament is all about. It will not take anyone's vote away. It will give a vote (FINALLY!) to those whose votes have been wasted under FPTP.


Owen Gray said...

We refuse to see the big picture, thwap. We see tyhrough a tunnel -- darkly.

thwap said...


Personally, I don't see electoral reform happening in my lifetime. (Such as it is with the ecopocalypse coming down on us all.)