Sunday, October 20, 2019

Liberal Hysteria & Hypocrisy

Partisans of the Liberals are insane. For this entire election they've been shrieking about how opponents of the Conservatives have to vote Liberal or else they'll be splitting the vote. If you don't vote Liberal it will be YOUR FAULT if Scheer's Conservatives win a majority and subject us to a four-year nightmare of Jason Kenney/Doug Ford/Stephen Harper proportions. You see, if you vote Green in your riding and so do 4% of the voters in your riding, and the Liberal candidate only gets 28% of the votes to the Conservative's 31%, that means you helped elect that Conservative. And if you vote NDP and so 8% of the people in your riding, well that means the lesser evil lost and the greater evil won. AND IT'S ALL YOUR FAULT!!!!

This is the way that our antiquated "First-Past-The-Post" (FPTP) electoral system works. In Canada, the present political scenario goes as follows:

10% realize that human beings need the natural world in order to live and have therefore decided that the Green Party is who they'd like to vote for.

15% of us believe that social justice, economic justice, ecology, etc., are important and would like to vote NDP.

35-40% of Canadians are vaguely pro-welfare state, and are totally down with multi-culturalism and GLBT rights. Some of these people also entertain delusions about needing to protect wealthy entrepreneurs from being fleeced by lazy poor people. And anyway, they've always voted Liberal. So they'd like to vote Liberal.

25-30% of Canadians think this country was built by hardworking, white Christian people (okay, okay, ... they're not racist or anything, and some of those immigrants are hard-working too and they're welcome in this TOLERANT society, ... especially when they're socially conservative!) and that it's a goddamned CRIME when criminals and moochers and bleeding-heart liberals want to punish success and tax decent, god-fearing Canadians to pay for bullshit like hospitals and schools and roads and medical care for veterans, ... speaking of veterans, ... HEROES! ... Canada has a noble martial history of being slaughtered and slaughtering back in World War I and all the way up to the clusterfuck in Afghanistan ... and well, you get the picture. These people vote Conservative. And also, rich people who laugh all the way to their own banks at these stupid rubes vote Conservative as well as own the fucking party.

5-10% of this country are racist dumbfucks and they don't care who knows it. (Well, some of them sorta care because they could get fired for being so racist. But just wait until they've turfed all those "politically correct" faggots and get to run this country the way it should be run.) And, also, global warming is a Chinese plot because that famous fat old guy with the spray-on tan and the yellow comb-over who wants to fuck his own daughter (who is, let's face it, a "nice piece of ass" just like her father said she was) said so. And these people are voting for Maxime Bernier's Canadian National Socialist Worker's Party. Because the Liberals aren't pro-Tar Sands enough for them and the Conservatives aren't racist enough for them.

I seem to have lost the point of this post. Tell you what. Just go to this post by Montreal Simon where I actually tried to engage him and his deranged co-blogger, and read how all these fucking Liberal Party idiots simultaneously scream about vote-splitting while trashing any talk of electoral reform.

If somebody needs to have the contradiction in that explained to them, they're probably too far gone.

Speaking of "too far gone," please entertain yourselves with the hysterical rantings of Simon's detestable co-blogger as she lashes out at every leftist topic imaginable, spewing liberal talking-points and smears and innuendos about "Bernie-bros" and "Corbynistas" and everything else under the sun and calling me a terrorist of some sort or another.


zoombats said...

A while back we both talked about MS and the fact that I don't follow his block because it is so delusional with respect to his blind love for all things Trudeau. He and his followers are so caught up in the superficial leader and all the cutesy goings on with his endless selfies and sock drawer fashions one could be bored to death. But still like a moth to a flame I am drawn in only by the thrill of reading something too stupid for words. When I saw your name on the comments I couldn't resist and enjoyed the verbal high jinx between those who are so offended as to result to insults. I remember when they took on the Mound and others as we have all been lumped in as Trudeau Haters and the other great quote was that "anyone who votes Green is either an idiot or a Con". Oh I long for the old argument in the seventies between the Islanders (squatters) and the townies who were sick of funding the "freeloaders". If Simon was true to his beliefs he would be an unwavering Dipper who under his last great political love Jack Layton, was always a staunch supporter of the Islanders, whether they came from Montreal or otherwise.He should pause and reconsider his Handle to that off Squatter Simon or Scottish (independence) Simon

thwap said...


To be fair, I did lead-off referring to his co-blogger as a lunatic. But she is a truly disgusting, unhinged, racist individual.

After that, they weren't really interested in addressing the contradiction in their positions. They just engaged in smears and incoherent support for FPTP.