Monday, September 30, 2019

Another Dismal Election

Who is it going to be? The pro-corporate, pro-Tar Sands, pro-imperialism, pro-austerity, pro-inequality, pro-etcetera-lots of bad things Liberals?

Or the pro-corporate, pro-Tar Sands, pro-imperialism, pro-austerity, pro-inequality, pro-racist, homophobic, christo-fascist Conservatives?

Or the semi-pro-corporate, pro-Fracking, semi-pro-imperialism, excluded by our electoral system NDP?

Or the pro-corporate, pro-Tar Sands Greens?

Or the racist fuckwads of shit-head Maxime Bernier's Canadian National Socialist Party?

Let's face it; these parties are representative of just how fucked our society is. We're dominated by capitalism, which at its base is an inhuman system. We're a society based upon the theft of Native lands. We're a cultural and economic colony of the USA. (At least English Canada is, culturally.) And, there's a lot of stupid, or ignorant, or both people in this country. Racist, deluded, hypocritical, selfish.

Perhaps all those activists who don't care for electoral politics are right. Perhaps their extra-parliamentary marches, demos, forums, websites, actions, etc., are the way to go. Except for the fact that they've shown themselves to be pretty much useless. Occasionally every party but the Conservatives (and sometimes even the Conservatives) feel obliged to mouth words to make people feel good about them. But does anything ever really change? There are some limits on the depredations of the oligarchy, but will it be enough to stave off the ecological nightmare that is looming over us?

I think we need to articulate a clear, achievable vision for this country. One that speaks to individuals' self-interests while also putting a halt to our more insane, destructive behaviour. And this must be accompanied by a clear plan for how to get there. Everything else is just spinning wheels.


lagatta à montréal said...

Hi thwap! Glad to see that you are still posting! I was so sick of Jackie's McCarthyite and often racist points - the way she misnames both Sanders and Singh, she has ZERO to say about anti-semitism or any other form of racism.

thwap said...

Hi lagatta,

I've noticed that you still comment there, occasionally pushing back against that racist nut-job. I still read Simon's posts but with less and less enthusiasm. Often out of morbid fascination. He's a good person with his heart in the right place, but I've noticed many small-l liberals behaving abominably with the rise of the right-wing and their own sense of victimization and delusion.

But "Jackie-Blue" is a wretched excuse for a human being. If I don't skip her comments altogether I just read the beginning sentences and the final words of drivel.

Sorry for not posting your comment in a timely fashion. I'm really not that active here.

Saskboy said...

I think it's unfair to describe Greens as "pro-tarsands". I always saw May's message as a cynical one disguised to make people realize that it's not economical to build refineries, and the tarsands won't be viable economically.

thwap said...


You might be right. I only remember her saying the bitumen should be refined in Canada. I didn't read the whole article. If so I'll happily stand corrected.