Friday, June 19, 2020

Canada Deserved to Lose

The world dodged a bullet when Canada lost its bid for a seat on the UN Security Council. Liberal hacks are going to invent sill excuses ("we waited too long before applying" is JT's apparently), and non-Liberal Canuck "patriots" like the Glib N' Stale are apparently resorting to "sour grapes" rationalizations, but they're all just desperately avoiding reality.

Canada lost because it is a boot-licking toady of an increasingly belligerent, unhinged, violent United States of America.

Evil, deluded shit-head Crystia Freeland, wandering around in her shit-bubble might not be able to process this, but Canada is hated in Latin America. In her idiocy, Freeland might wonder how that could be given Canada's leadership role in the so-called "Lima Group" dedicated to imperialist regime change in Venezuela. But here's the thing: Even members of the Lima Group oppose direct US intervention/regime change in their countries. All the members of the Lima Group do, except for Canada. They do so because the USA's heavy-handedness is extreme. Even right-wing comprador governments are fearful of giving the abusive boyfriend the idea that he can pick and choose governments in Latin America. Not Canada. Canada's leadership is so craven that they can't imagine ever disappointing the USA. And so racist that they can't see the problem in allowing the USA a freehand in rooting out "trouble-makers" in those mismanaged brown-skinned countries. The vile stephen harper was among the first American national leaders to recognize the US-led coup government in Honduras. Under Jean Chrétien Canada helped topple the only popularly elected President in Haitian history, Bertrand Aristide. And now, the arrogant Freeland is bloviating about her concerns for democracy and human rights in Venezuela, when a socialist-populist government is under siege from murderous sanctions and murderous right-wing opposition groups while hypocritically turning a blind eye to outright massacres committed by Lima Group participants with far less provocation. Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Honduras, Bolivia, Haiti

Canada is such a shameless enabler of Zionist racism in Israel that we sometimes find ourselves alone with the USA, Israel, and some tiny Pacific Ocean nations against the rest of the world, defending some recent outburst of Israeli barbarism. We are hated in the Middle East. (For good reasons and bad reasons.)

China hates us. And countries that are sympathetic to China therefore see us as nothing more than a US-puppet that will do nothing more than vote on international issues the way that whatever the nutbar in the White House (Trump or Biden) tells us to.

European nations probably just hold us in contempt. I've no reason to think African countries give two shits about us, unless we have mining firms there violating human rights.

But Freeland and the Liberals live, as I said, in a shit-bubble. They'll never read this blog. And even if they did, they'd just chuckle about it in their little world of delusion.

Speaking of Liberal hacks, a shout-out to Montreal Simon! I read that (since deleted) reply you left me when I made a reasoned comment on your blog. Where you told me it was too bad that things in my life haven't turned out well but that soon I'd be dead and therefore irrelevant. Very touching comrade. Are you ashamed to see how low partisan insanity can drag you?


Unknown said...

"China hates us."
And it's a bad thing that we are hated by a brutal dictatorship that puts its Muslim population in concentration camps, is it?

thwap said...

China's government is BAD. Putin is BAD. Saudi Arabia's Clown Prince BMX is BAD.


Now for some "whataboutism"!

Whatabout our friend and ally the United States of America, that has a racist penal system and murderous cops that imprisons the largest number of its citizens in the entire world? It has more prisoners in its jails than does China which has 3x the population?

Whatabout the USA's vicious starvation sanctions on Venezuela and Iran that have killed tens of thousands of people?

Whatabout the USA's bloody wars in the Middle East that have killed over one million people and traumatized ten million more lives?

Whether I want to get down on my knees and suck the cock of whoever leads China at the moment doesn't discount the truth of what I said, which is that Canada lost its bid because we're a simpering yes-man to the USA. Okay? That's why we lost.

If we were a Chinese puppet that too would be a bad thing. But we're not. We're a US puppet and we antagonize China at their behest and we get no thanks for it. We're a sick joke.

Comments like yours are a sick joke as well.

lagatta à montréal said...

Thwap, I'm glad to see you back with new comments. I'm among those who signed petitions AGAINST Canada getting a Security Council seat, mostly due to uncritical support for Israel's crushing the Indigenous population there and stealing what little is left of their land (and encroaching on what is left of Palestinian Jerusalem - a friend wrote a thesis on that) but also the craven support for the Lima Group and even that sad putschist imposter Gaudio.

Yes, the Venezuelan government is far from perfect but anything the US, rightwing South American governments (the utter horror of Brazil, despite its impressive human and natural resources) and toadies such as Trudeau could bring in would be many times worse. We need only look at Honduras.

I do hope your life is going well, and that you live long and prosper! I like Hamilton - haven't been there in years. They had a good cycling association - see the site is still up.

thwap said...

Hi Lagatta,

I've been living in Toronto for the past 10 years. Wow. 10 years.

My right-knee is kinda fucked-up and I can neither walk nor ride long distances. I kept the weight off by going to the gym but that's not possible right now.

Thanks for commenting.

lagatta à montréal said...

I do travel to Toronto sometimes to interpret, but it looks as if will all be going online too... I do hope you can do something to improve your knee; a friend finally had a "knee replacement" and he can walk and ride his bicycle again, though no more long treks and no jogging.

Such a cruel comment from Simon; too bad as I've always liked him, but it just goes to show that sectarianism is not at all the preserve of the left or far-left. That idiot woman from the US is an absolutely nutcase example. (Glad to be a woman so I can call her that, of course I'd say idiot man as well, and I would never call a person who is actually suffering from mental health problems a nutcase).

That makes me more sad than anything else.

I've studied and worked with upper-class twits like Trudeau and he just has that perfect air of vacuous privilege.

thwap said...


With Trudeau, with his background, and his looks, it's telling that he could only get to be a highschool drama teacher. That's as far as his advantages could take his dim-wits.